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이대로 Meaning in Korean

Idaero Meaning in Korean 1

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun and welcome to another tutorial. Question Time! @xmisfit : what’s the difference between 이렇게 and 이대로? 이렇게 means ‘like this’, 이대로 means ‘magical like this’. Now you mastered it. Warm Up Your Brain I’m kidding. But yeah 이렇게 and 이대로 are not actually same. 이대로 has something that … Read more

-렇게 Meaning in Korean

Reoke Meaning in Korean 1

Hello everyone it’s your Korean teacher Jun! I’m 100% sure you have heard -렇게 once from any Korean stuffs, K-drama, K-pop, K-movie or anything! And yes, it’s something Koreans can’t live without! Lol. So why aren’t we going to learn what it means and how it works? This tutorial would be better if you already … Read more