Who Am I?

Jun Hamm

⠂Made in Korea
⠂Made of 100% Pure Korean Blood
⠂Adjusted as 100% Korean
⠂Ready to active Professor Mode
⠂Love making people laugh more than teaching

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun! Thanks for learning Korean with me! I really want to say I admire your enthusiasm and passion for learning languages. No one forced you to yet you are here on your own to expand your knowledge. I’m happy I’m a part of it ?
I spent years making all the tutorials and I really hope it’d be super duper helpful for you. Also, I should mention that this website has been possible thanks to so many people with a good heart. They are the second author of all tutorials! ?

All Tutorials Are Free Because…

What does $15 mean to you? In wealthy countries, That’s the money that you can earn after a couple of hours of labor. However, in some countries, You have to work for 3-7 days to earn it. That’s insane right? And $15 is the average price of Korean textbooks.

Even in wealthy countries, many people just can’t afford language classes or textbooks because everyday is struggling. I was one of them. I had to work and I had no money for myself. Life isn’t fair for everyone and we can’t change it easily. It often blocks us for anything.

But here, I don’t want you to feel that. I don’t want you to feel you can’t do something awesome for yourself only because of money. So I spent years making courses and now they are yours. they are free.

This is why I decided to publish my textbook for free

By the way, I didn’t make it possible alone. A lot of people helped me and encouraged me and of course many people support me also. I really appreciate my supporters. Especially those who have supported me since the beginning, Lee, Anne, Nadine, Natalia, Kate. And, to be 100% honest, I’m still poor ? Help me to get steady monthly income ?


Do you know that you are so amazing? No one forced you to learn a foreign language yet you are here by yourself with a lot of passion. You are a really amazing person. AND HERE ARE THE AWESOME TUTORIALS YOU DESERVE!

Why Korean Jun?

Everybody tells you why they are the best. They are easy to memorize blah blah blah. So, I made it too because this page seemed too short ??? I wonder who would read this ??? But maybe you want to know what are the interesting features of my tutorials ?

Super Real Korean

No boy, No Lion, No Carrot. Do you really use some words such as ‘a little boy’, ‘lions’ or ‘carrot’ everyday? We don’t live in the stone age anymore. We don’t have to warn people where the lions are ?. So, I’m not going to teach those. But, I’m going to teach you anything you can use in your real life right away.

The Magical POWER

The ancient magical language from the far far land. Learn Korean and own the magic power. You can do it with Korean language ? Yeah maybe it’s not that magical but at least it makes you look 500% charming and Koreans would be so much kinder when you start to speak Korean.

No Fake, No False

Some wise man in the internet age said ‘Don’t believe the internet’. Unfortunately, that’s true even for learning materials. It’s so awful that you have to waste your time for wrong knowledge and you can’t even tell which one is correct or good. However, in Korean Jun, any tutorial is triple checked! I can proudly say they are the most accurate tutorials! Learn the only perfect knowledge and save your time.

Build Korean Brain

Learn Korean in the way how native Koreans understand! What does it do? It makes you able to think in Korean and understand Korean grammar so naturally. With this, you can learn Korean grammar triple faster and easier! That’s possible with Korean Jun!

Super Duper High-Quality

I spent the Core Grammar course to publish a textbook for years and I published it free to help anyone who can’t afford language class or textbooks. This is not just an internet free learning material. And THIS IS WHY I’M STILL SO POOR because I spent my life on it ??? but worth it if you like it!