이대로 Meaning in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun and welcome to another tutorial. Question Time! @xmisfit : what’s the difference between 이렇게 and 이대로? 이렇게 means ‘like this’, 이대로 means ‘magical like this’. Now you mastered it.

Warm Up Your Brain

I’m kidding. But yeah 이렇게 and 이대로 are not actually same. 이대로 has something that 이렇게 doesn’t have. Guess what it is!

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이대로 Meaning in Korean




There is no same word to 이대로 in English. If you use a translator then you can find it says 이대로 is ‘like this’ but it’s not enough to explain what 이대로 really means. 이대로 strongly involves ‘time’. You can not separate time from 이대로.


이대로 describes ‘character, feature, shape or such thing is same / similar to THIS (pronoun) ‘in a particular period or a moment’. IN A PARTICULAR PERIOD OR A MOMENT. That’s the key how to understand 이대로. So, 이대로 actually means ‘exactly same like this in the moment’. Or ‘exactly same like it has been done’. That’s 이대로.

이렇게 vs 이대로

So, what’s different between 이렇게 and 이대로. It’s super easy. Delete ‘in a particular period or a moment’ part. That’s 이렇게. 이렇게 doesn’t care about ‘time’ while 이대로 does.


If you want to say ‘I wish the time to stop same like this (forever)’ in Korean, 이대로 is much more natural. If you use ‘이렇게’, then yeah… it can be ‘I wish the time to stop same like this’ but it also can be about the method how to stop time. In the other hand, 이대로 only describes the moment when you want to keep.


이대로 시간이 멈췄으면 좋겠다
[ideoro sigan-i meomcheo-sseumyeon joketdda]
I wish the time to stop same like this

How To Use

이대로 똑같이 해주세요|
Please, Make it exactly same like this


이대로 계속 하세요
Keep doing it just like how you have done (until now)


이대로 시간이 멈췄으면 좋겠다
‘I wish the time to stop same like this’,
라고 소원을 빌었지만
I made a wish
그런 일은 일어나지 않았습니다
But that never happened
우주 : 응 꺼져~
Universe : Ok, fuck yoooou

-대로 Meaning in Korean

이 in 이대로 means ‘this’. So, you can replace 이 with other determiners such as ‘저 (that)’ or ‘그 (that / the)’. It keeps the nuance about time but points out a different thing like ‘like that’.


Like that

Vocabulary Note

똑같이 [ddokkachi] : same (adverb)
해주다 [hejuda] : to do someone’s request
계속하다 [gyeoso-kada] : to continue
시간 [sigan] : time
멈추다 [meomchuda] : to stop
좋다 [jota] : to be good
소원 [sowon] : wish (noun)
빌다 [bilda] : to beg / to wish / to make a wish
그런 [geureon] : (like) that
일 [il] : work / task / happening / event / something to do
일어나다 [ilreonada] : to happen / to get up / to wake up
우주 [uju] : universe / space
응 [eung] : ok / yes