-렇게 Meaning in Korean

Hello everyone it’s your Korean teacher Jun! I’m 100% sure you have heard -렇게 once from any Korean stuffs, K-drama, K-pop, K-movie or anything! And yes, it’s something Koreans can’t live without! Lol. So why aren’t we going to learn what it means and how it works? This tutorial would be better if you already learn the previous tutorial : Like This in Korean. Let’s start the tutorial.

Warm Up Your Brain

You’ve learned 이렇게 in the previous tutorial. Do you remember what 이렇게 means?

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-렇게 Meaning in Korean


Like + determiner


-렇게 is an suffix that means ‘status, shape, character, property or such things is same to (determiner)’. 렇게 can’t be used alone. It always has to be used with determiners such as ‘이(this)’, ‘저(that)’, ‘그(the/that)’. Determiner + 렇게 is same to ‘like this’ or ‘like that’.


In Korean, determiners can’t be used as a pronoun. Koreans sometimes used 이 and 그 as a pronoun but they often mean something else than ‘this’ or ‘that’.


Check the previous tutorial : ‘Like This in Korean’ also, it helps you understanding better about -렇게

As Determiner + Adjective

You can also use -렇게 to say ‘determiner + adjective’ like ‘that beautiful’ or ‘this many’. In Korean language, the form of ‘determiner + adjective’ is very weird and unnatural. You must use 렇게.


이렇게 많이!
This many!

How To Use

A: 저렇게 하시면 안돼요
Don’t do it like that
B: 왜요?


A: 그렇게 좋아요?
Is it that good?
B: 그렇게 좋아요
It’s that good


A: 저렇게 돈이 많으면 어떤 기분일까요?
I wonder how it’d feel like if I was that rich
B: 로또 1등 맞은 기분
A feeling like winning the lottery

그렇고 그런 Meaning

그렇고 그런 technically means ‘like that like that’. Yes, it doesn’t make any sense in English. But somehow it perfectly makes sense in Korean. 그렇고 그런 works as an adjective actually even though it’s not an adjective. What it really means is ‘not good, not bad but more like bad’ (lol). It’s a some sort of slang.


그렇고 그런 기분
That feeling like that
= The feeling that isn’t much great

Vocabulary Note

하다 [hada] : do
안돼요 [andoeyo] : don’t – [to order / ask someone]
왜 [we] : why
좋다 [jota] : to be good / to like
돈 [don] : money
많다 [manta] : to be many / much
어떤 [eoddeon] : which / what kind of
기분 [gibun] : feeling
로또 [lotto] : lottery
맞다 [matdda] : to be corrected / hit