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안녕 vs 안녕하세요 in Korean

Annyung vs Annyung-haseyo in Korean 1

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I’m Studying in Korean

I'm Studying in Korean 1

Hi everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. Are you a student? Or do you study Korean often? Lol well of course you study Korean. So, maybe you want to tell Korean your friends that you are studying Korean right now in Korean. For what? Of course for making you look awesome in every single language. … Read more

모르겠어요 vs 몰라요 in Korean

Molayo vs Moreugesseoyo in Korean 1

Hi guys! It’s your Korean teacher Jun. Native Koreans sometimes say ‘몰라요’ for ‘I don’t know’ and sometimes say ‘모르겠어요’. Both seems to have a same meaning but what’s the differences between 몰라요 and 모르겠어요? Even it’s so confusing! Don’t worry because you have me here! We are going to learn 모르다 vs 모르겠다 in … Read more