Word vs Word

안녕 vs 안녕하세요 in Korean

Annyung vs Annyung-haseyo in Korean 1

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모르겠어요 vs 몰라요 in Korean

Molayo vs Moreugesseoyo in Korean 1

Hi guys! It’s your Korean teacher Jun. Native Koreans sometimes say ‘몰라요’ for ‘I don’t know’ and sometimes say ‘모르겠어요’. Both seems to have a same meaning but what’s the differences between 몰라요 and 모르겠어요? Even it’s so confusing! Don’t worry because you have me here! We are going to learn 모르다 vs 모르겠다 in … Read more

힘들어요 vs 어려워요 in Korean

Hi guys, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. Many students requested a tutorial for the differences between 힘들어요 and 어려워요. I think yes, it’s something students gets easily confused because it seems so similar in English. But today I’m going to solve your confusion today! Today’s tutorial is ‘힘들어요 vs 어려워요 in Korean’ Warm Up Your … Read more

영원히 vs 평생 in Korean

영원히 vs 평생 in Korean 1

Hi everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. I’ve requested for a tutorial that explains differences between 영원히 and 평생 and so many people actually voted for this tutorial on Koreanjun Instagram. I know it’s really tricky and I’m pretty sure so many students only know ‘영원히’ because a lot of songs use the word as … Read more