I’m Studying in Korean

Hi everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. Are you a student? Or do you study Korean often? Lol well of course you study Korean. So, maybe you want to tell Korean your friends that you are studying Korean right now in Korean. For what? Of course for making you look awesome in every single language. Today we are going to learn how to say I’m studying in Korean.

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How To Say I’m Studying in Korean

공부하고 있어요

[gonbu-hago isseoyo]
I’m studying


Basic form : 공부하고 있다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 공부하고 있어
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 공부 안하고 있어요


To say I’m studying in Korean, use a verb 공부하다 which means study, and a present progressive conjugation 고 있어요. 다 in 공부하다 is dropped when it’s conjugated. Of course, you can use other present progressive conjugations too.


공부하다 is almoooosst same to ‘study’ in English. But it only means ‘to learn knowledge’ as a verb. It doesn’t have a meaning of ‘study’ as a noun or other meanings as a verb.

I Study (something) in School

When you describe your major or what you are learning in school, 공부하다 isn’t much perfect sometimes. In this case, 배우다 (to learn) is much more often used and natural.


저는 공학을 배우고 있어요
I’m learning engineering

How To Use

A: 뭐해요?
What are you doing?
B: 공부하고 있어요
I’m studying


A: 무슨 공부하고 있어요?
What are you studying?
B: 한국어 공부하고 있어요
I’m studying Korean


A: 게임 공부하고 있어요
I’m studying a video game
B: 게임을 공부해요?
You’re studying a video game?
A: 한국인은 게임도 공부해요
Koreans study video games also

Phrase With 공부하다

Sometimes native Koreans say 인생 공부 which means ‘study for life’. It actually means ‘learn a lesson for life’. They say it especially after some bad accident that they could avoid but they didn’t because of a uncareful behavior.


Hummm… When do they say it? When did I say it…? I guess I’ve said it after I lost something like money. I invested money on stock and lost it and then I said ‘I’ve learned my lesson : never even look at stocks’. 인생 공부했네요. Like this.


인생 공부했다고 생각할래요
I’ll think I pay for my lesson

Vocabulary Note

공학 [gonghak] : Engineering
배우다 [beuda] : to learn

뭐해요? [mwoheyo] : what are you doing?
무슨 [museun] : what kind
한국어 [hangugeo] : Korean language
게임 [ggeim] : game
한국인 [hangugin] : Korean (person)
-도 [do] : too / also
인생 [inseng] : life
생각하다 [senggakhada] : think / consider