10 Essential 주세요 Korean Phrases For Awesome Travel

If you’re going to Korea, then you must know some Korean phrases because almost no Koreans speak English. Of course, some Koreans can speak English and maybe it’s not a problem much in nice hotels or airports or some places for tourists. But I’m pretty sure you will have so many troubles and miss so many awesome things like foods or experiences. So, I made this lesson for your awesome Korean travel with 10 juseyo (주세요) phrases.

Before you learn juseyo phrases, I’ll teach you few super useful things. You can make so many useful sentences by combining them with 8 juseyo phrases. And, it would be much better if you know how read Hangul : Korean alphabet


Every phrases are honorific (similar to formal). So you can use them in every situations.

10 Essential Korean 주세요 Phrases

1. 이거 / 저거

igeo / jeogeo
This / That


Korean language doesn’t have ‘it’, so you can express everything with ‘이거 (this)’ and ‘저거 (that)’, I highly recommend to memorize them because you can make a lot of sentences by combining them.


with -요 : 이거요 / 저거요
igeoyo / jeojeoyo

You can’t say just ‘이거’ or ‘저거’ because it’s very informal and sounds quite rude. To be polite, just add ‘요’ at the end with 이거, 저거, 그거. It can be translated ‘I want this / that one’ or simply ‘That one’. you don’t need to add ‘요’ when it’s used in a sentence as a subject or an object.

2. 여기 / 저기

yeogi / jeogi
Here / There


Maybe it’s not so important. you can start phrases with 여기 to get some attention ‘여기 메뉴 주세요’


with -요 : 여거요 / 저기요
yeogiyo / jeogiyo


This is what you must know because you have to call waiter or waitress loud in a restaurant (that’s how you can get attention in Korea). if you say ‘여기요’, then server say ‘네’ and come to you. Remember almost servers don’t come to you first to get your order in Korea!

10 Essential Korean 주세요 Phrases

주세요 : juseyo

Juseyo (주세요) means ‘give me’ or ‘pass me’ but it can be used as ‘would you -’ or ‘Could you -’ by combining other verb. if you know ‘juseyo’ and some more words then it would help you with almost situations. btw, Some lessons tell you it’s ‘please’. That is super wrong. ‘Please’ is more similar to ‘부탁드려요’

3. – 주세요

Give me – / Would you -? / Can I have -?


it means ‘give me -, please’ or ‘pass me -‘ when you use it with a noun. It’s extremely useful in every places. restaurants, stores, hotels. Maybe you won’t need more than this phrase for buying or ordering something.


If you know some Korean words, then you can combine them with 주세요 as much as you know. If you are too lazy for memorizing new words? Then point out what you want with your finger and say ‘이거 주세요’. That’s how Korean order foods or buy something.


Useful words you can use with

이거 주세요 / 이거 : this
igeo juseyo
I want this (to order / buy)


저거 주세요
jeogeo juseyo
I want that (to order / buy)


mul : water
반찬 banchan : side dishes
맥주 maekju : beer
소주 soju : soju (Korean traditional alcohol)
영수증 yungsujeung : receipt
수건 sugeon : towel
메뉴 menu : menu (same with English)
냅킨 napkin : napkin (same with English)
포크 pokeu : fork (you can say ‘fork’ in English)


* some lesson teaches you need to say ‘계산 주세요(give me a bill please)’ to pay but that’s wrong. If you say that, you will literally receive ‘a bill’. if you want to pay, then you have to say ‘계산 주세요(Check, please)’. We will learn it later in this lesson.

4. – 주세요

[- deo juseyo]
Could I have more -?


더 means ‘more’. Hey, Do you know water and almost side dishes are free in Korean restaurants? Some restaurants has a small bar for side dishes so you can bring them as much as you want. You don’t need to memorize more words for it. Just hold a plate that you want to have some more and say ‘이거 더 주세요’ then server would bring you some more.


Useful words you can use with

You can use what you just learned with juseyo.


이거 더 주세요
igeo deo juseyo
Could I have more of this?


반찬 더 주세요
banchan deo juseyo
Could I have some more side dishes?


더 주세요
mul deo juseyo


맥주 더 주세요
maekju deo juseyo


소주 더 주세요
Soju deo juseyo
Would you please bring me some Korean alcohol, soju, so I can get so wasted and kiss the floor?


* Don’t use ‘저거 or 그거 (that)’ with ‘더 주세요’. It sounds very unnatural.
* Some side dishes aren’t free such as Korean soup or rice

5. – 주세요

[- gajuseyo]
Go to -, please


가 means ‘go’, You can use it when you are using a taxi. Simply add the name of the place you want to go on ~ gajuseyo (You can say only your destination but it might sound a bit rude.)


Useful words you can use with

여기 가주세요 (use it with a map or address)
yeogi gajuseyo
Go to here please


경복궁 가주세요 / 경복궁 : palace
Gyungbokgung gajuseyo
Go to gyungbok palace please


명동 가주세요 / 명동 : a famous Korean region
Myungdong gajuseyo
Go to Myungdong please


서울역 가주세요 / 역 : subway or train station
Seoulyuk gajuseyo
Go to Seoul station please


병원 가주세요 / 병원 : hospital
Byungwon gajuseyo
Go to the hospital please


천국 가주세요 / 천국 : heaven
Cheonguk gajuseyo
Go to heaven please

10 Essential Korean 주세요 Phrases

6. – 주세요

Could you please take out the – (in the dish)


You want to try real local cuisine because you are traveling Korea right? But I’m not sure if it’s a really good idea that you try what Korean usually eats. A lot of Korean foods have a fire-on-your-asshole taste. Really really spicy. It can ruin your night and next day. Losing a day is what you really don’t want to experience especially if your travel is not long enough. (don’t worry, I will teach ‘make it less spicy’ for you who want to try Korean spicy foods)


Useful words you can use with

매운 거 빼주세요
maeun geo bbae juseyo
Take out any spicy thing, please


고기 빼주세요
gogi bbae juseyo
Take out meat in my dish, please


견과류 빼주세요
gyeongwa-ryu bbae juseyo
Could you please take out nuts in my dish?


오이 빼주세요
o-i bbae juseyo
Could you please take out cucumber in my dish?


Almost Korean foods contain meat and it’s really hard to find some salad here… You should do some research for foods if you are vegetarian.

7. – 치워주세요.

[- chiwojuseyo]
Clean up -, please.


You will love this part because it has no problem to use English nouns. When you go to a restaurant or cafe or hotel room, it’s a bit not clean so you don’t feel much good sometimes. Then ask ‘~ 치워주세요’ to any employee.


Useful words you can use with

여기 치워주세요
yeogi chiwo juseyo
Clean up here please


테이블 치워주세요
teibl chiwo juseyo
Clean up this table please
* Table is table in Korean too


bang chiwo juseyo
Clean up this room please
* You can say just ‘Room 치워주세요.’ because almost Korean knows what is ‘room’


화장실 청소*해주세요
hwajangsil chungso haejuseyo
Clean up the bathroom please
* 화장실 uses different a word for cleaning up because ‘치우다’ can be meant more like ‘organize’

8. 도와주세요

Help me


It seems a bit useless because you can’t explain what help you need exactly but I’m pretty sure it would be better than asking help only in English.


Some lessons say it’s ‘saram sallyeo’ (사람 살려) but it literally means ‘save a person’ that you can use when you’re literally dying or in danger. If you said ‘saram sallyeo’, People would call the police for you. Remember, it doesn’t mean ‘help’ I think a lot of foreigners misunderstand ‘사람 살려’ as ‘help me’ because of translation of K-drama but please, know real meanings can be different than translation.

9. 맵게 주세요

[deol maepgeo haejuseyo]
Could you make it less spicy?


It’s always good to try local foods just like Korean eats but sometimes it’s awfully spicy. Say this and save your asshole from the killing-your-asshole-later taste. So, ‘덜 맵게 해주세요’ would be very helpful. but… you may need to know something. when it’s quite spicy to you, Korean doesn’t feel any spicy taste at all. So, even ‘less spicy’ could be ‘awfully spicy’ to you.


Conversation A

A: 이거 매워요?
[igeo maewoyo]
Is it spicy?


B: 네 좀 매워요
[ne jom maewoyo]
Yes. it’s spicy a bit


A: 그럼 이거 덜 맵게 해주세요
[geurum igeo deol maepge haejuseyo]
Then could you please make it less spicy?


B: 네, 알겠습니다 / 말씀 드려볼께요
[ne algetseupnida / masseum dryeobolggeyo]
Ok / I would ask it to a cook.


A: 감사합니다
Thank you


* Awesome Tip for you

Korean says ‘it’s a bit spicy.’ it normally means ‘it’s spicy not enough to kill you but I think it’s enough to burn your asshole later’, they often ask like ‘it’s spicy a bit, are you okay with that?’ because they know it’s not ‘an okay food’


Conversation B

A: 이거 매워요?
[igeo maewoyo?]
Is it spicy?


B: 네 살짝 매워요
[ne, saljjak maewoyo]
Yes. it’s spicy a little bit


A: 그럼 이거 덜 맵게 해주세요
[geurum igeo deol maepge haejuseyo]
Then could you please make it less spicy?


B: 죄송하지만 안될 것 같아요 / 힘들 것 같아요
[joisonghajiman andoil geot gatayo / himdeol geot gatayo]
I’m sorry but I can’t


A: 그럼 다른 거 시킬게요
[geurum  dareureun geo sikilgeyo]
Then, I will change it

10. 바꿔주세요

bagg(c)wo juseyo
Could I get another -?


Your spoon is too dirty? Not happy with your hotel room or table? Try ‘바꿔주세요’, Servers will bring you new ones right away or change your table.


Useful words you can use with

이거 새거바꿔주세요
[igeo saegeolo baggwo juseyo]
Could you change this to new one?


[Bang baggwo juseyo]
Could I get another room?


숟가락 바꿔주세요
[sutgarak baggwo juseyo]
Could I get another spoon?


자리 바꿔주세요
[jari baggwo juseyo]
I want another table / seat / spot



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