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What Are You Doing? in Korean

Hi, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. Everybody has a friend right? Even if it’s imaginary… *tear drops….* lol no. I’ll be serious. So, maybe this is the most common and simple question you can make to a person who you don’t know how to keep the conversation lolol. That’s sad a bit and that’s why we are going to learn how to ask what are you doing in Korean right now!

Warm Up Your Brain

Knock knock hello brain? What are you doing? You seem like sleeping for 20 years and I need you to wake up… please let me be smart once PLEASNEOTWNGOIRENHO lol. I know you guys are smart. Don’t look at me weird. >:I

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How To Say What Are You Doing? In Korean


What are you doing?

I think this question is 100% necessary when you reach some point where is really hard to make any fun stuff to talk about. it’s really a sad question because people say it only when they don’t have much things to talk about. It feels like ‘sad are you doing’ lolol. When you use this phrase, make sure if you use -해요 speech style because it can sound a bit weird with another.

With Other Tenses

If you’ve studied Korean grammar with KoreanJun, then you might notice I said 뭐해요 in present tense, not present progressive tense. Yes. Korean uses present tense as present progressive tense too and 뭐해요 is much more common in present tense.


If you want to ask it in present progressive tense. It’s ‘뭐하고 있어요?


Remember, 뭐해요 and 뭐하고 있어요 are exactly same.

How To Use It

A: 준씨 뭐해요?
What’s up Jun?
B: 책 읽어요
I’m reading a book


A: 지금 뭐해요?
What are you doing now?
B: 치킨 먹어요
I’m eating fried chicken


A: 뭐하고 있어요?
What are you doing Jun?
B: 신발 핥고 있어요 ㅎㅎ
I’m licking my shoe 🙂

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What’s Up? In Korean

Korean language doesn’t have a same expression as what’s up. So 뭐해요 functions exactly same. A lot of native Koreans start a conversation with 뭐해 instead of 안녕 when they are close enough to the person and talk to each other often.


* 뭐해? : An informal version of 뭐해요? That you can use to really close friends who are same years old to you in Korean age

뭐해요? With Spacing

Some students space between 뭐 and 해요 because both are separated words. However, once it’s combined to make a new word. You shouldn’t space them


뭐 해요? (Wrong)
뭐해요? (Correct)

What The Hell Are You Doing?

Yeah, you can also use this phrase like ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’. But Korean language is weirdly developed for this (lol) with no reason. So, 뭐해요 doesn’t have an impact like English’s.


아니 지금 뭐하는 거예요?
What the fuck are you doing?

Learn It Together

-씨 : Korean title to call other person
책 : Book
읽다 : Read
지금 : Now
치킨 : Fried chicken
먹다 : Eat
신발 : Shoe / Shoes
핥다 : Lick