Take A Picture in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. Do you guys like taking a picture of a selfie? Personally I really don’t like taking a selfie of mine but I do like taking a picture. I hope you like it because the tutorial of today is about photography! If you are really into taking a picture or even your selfie, it would be super useful. Today we are going to learn how to say Take A Picture in Korean


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Take A Picture in Korean Featured

To Take A Picture in Korean

사진 찍다

[sajin jjikda]
To Take A Picture


Basic form : 사진 찍다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 사진 찍어
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 사진 찍어요


You need 2 vocabularies to say ‘take a picture’ right? : ‘picture’ (or ‘photo’) and ‘take’ (or ‘shot’). It’s same in Korean language. However, since Korean language doesn’t have articles such as a, an, the, you don’t need to add something before ‘picture’.


사진 means photograph and 찍다 can mean so many things but in this phrase, it means ‘take (or record) a video or a photo’. 사진 찍다 is a basic form, use 해요 speech style if you want to use it in a casual conversation.

찍다 Meaning in Korean

Korean has 2 찍다. Both have a same spelling but different meanings. English doesn’t have this word so it’s really hard to translate. 찍다 normally describes an action to press something with a strength such as stamp, imprint, chop.


It makes very much that why Korean language uses 찍다 to say ‘take a picture’. Cameras actually ‘press(print)’ the light on the film just like printers do.

How To Use

A: 죄송한데 사진 좀 찍어주실 수 있어요?
Excuse, can you take a picture (of us)?
B: 물론이죠


A: 여기선 사진 찍으시면 안됩니다
You can’t take a picture here
B: 죄송합니다. 몰랐어요
I’m sorry. I didn’t know


사진을 찍을 것이다
Will take pictures
늘 그랬듯이
As we always did

With 촬영하다

촬영하다 is a formal word to say ‘record’, ‘film’, ‘shot’, ‘take a picture’. Normally it’s not used in a normal life but it’s not so hard to find. For example, ‘Photo shooting’ is 사진 촬영. You can hear 촬영하다 very easily when you go to a photo stupid.

With Videos

You can also use 찍다 or 촬영하다 to say ‘record a video’. Video is ‘동영상’ or ‘비디오’ in Korean. However, native Koreans also say 영상 also without 동 in 동영상. 영상 is most common than other words.


영상으로 찍을까요?
Do you want me to take a video instead?

Vocabulary Note

사진 [sajin] : photo
물론이죠 [mulonijyo] : sure / of course
여기 [yeogi] : here
에서 [eseo] : in / at / on
안 [an] : not
죄송합니다 [joesong-hapnida] : I’m sorry
모르다 [moreuda] : to not know
인간 [ingan] : human / mankind
늘 [neul] : always
그랬듯이 [geuretdeusi] : like before