Spring Is Here in Korean

Hello guys! It’s your Korean teacher Jun! It’s getting warmer and warmer these days. I can feel spring is coming. Now streets are more crowded with people and people are planning to go to picnic. I’m sure it’s the best season for many many people. But how do native Koreans say spring is here? Today we are going to learn how to say Spring Is Here in Korean.


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Spring Is Here in Korean Featured

How To Say Spring Is Here in Korean

봄이 왔어요

[bom-i wasseoyo]
Spring is here


Basic form : 봄이 오다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 봄이 왔어
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 봄이 안왔어요


봄이 왔다 is the most common phrase to say ‘Spring season is here again’. 봄 means ‘Spring’ and 왔다 is a past form of 오다 which means ‘come’ in Korean. So 봄이 왔다 means ‘Spring came’.


As a Korean. It sounds like ‘Spring season visited to us again’ because ‘오다’ is often used to greet other people.

Markers With The Phrase

You must remember 2 things for this phrase. 1st, you have to use subject markers 이/가 only, not topic markers 은/는. It sounds unnatural with 은/는. 2nd, you have to keep the marker. It sounds unnatural with a dropping marker.


봄 왔어요

It’s Spring in Korean


It’s spring


You can simply say ‘It’s spring’ to describe a season came. Native Koreans use this phrase especially with adverbs such as ‘already’.

How To Say

A: 거긴 지금 무슨 계절이에요?
What season is it there?
B: 여긴 봄이 왔어요
Spring is here


A: 이제 봄이에요
It’s spring now
B: 네 날이 많이 따뜻해졌어요
Yes, weather got much warmer


A: 봄이 왔어요
Spring is here
B: 따뜻하니까 졸려서 공부를 못하겠어요
I can’t study because it’s warm enough to make me sleepy
A: 그냥 공부하기 싫다고 하세요
Just say you don’t want to study
B: 헤헷…



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