OK / I Get It in Korean

Hi guys, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. How many time do you say ‘ok’ or ‘I get it’ everyday? I’m pretty sure at least once a day right? I wonder how it would be like if we lived in a world that ‘ok’ or ‘I get it’ don’t exist lol. It seems so super essential. Right now, maybe you remember ‘그래요’ for ok. That’s amazing! But do you know Koreans also use another word to say ‘ok’ or ‘I get it’? Let’s find out what native Koreans say, today tutorial is OK / I get it in Korean!

Warm Up Your Brain

You need a Korean word ‘know’ to say ‘I get it’. Answer what ‘know’ is in Korean in 5 seconds!

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Ok I Get It in Korean Featured

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How To Say I Get It in Korean


I see / I get it / ok


Basic form : 알겠다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 알겠어
Negative form with 해요 speech style : –


The word 알겠다 is actually the form that is made of 2 different words. A verb 알다 which means ‘know’ and a conjugation -겠다 means ‘become’ in this phrase. So, 알겠다 literally means ‘I became aware of it’. It also can mean ‘Now I know’ ‘Now I understand’.


알겠다 can mean many things that you show your understanding such as ‘I see’, ‘okay’, ‘I get it’, ‘I understand’. As what it literally means, it’s used to say that that you become aware of some fact, truth or knowledge.


The biggest difference between 알겠어요 and other all English expressions is 알겠어요 describes you agree or acknowledge something. ‘I see’ or ‘okay’ can be used simply to show you know it. However, 알겠다 shows that you agree to something.

How To Use

A: 이거 꼭 해줘요
You must do this
B: 알겠어요
Ok, I will


A: 무슨 말인지 알겠어요?
Do you understand what I mean?
B: 아뇨 히히
Nope hihi


A: 저는 커피를 코로 마셔요
I drink coffee with my nose
B: 알겠어요
Ok, I see
A: 대단하죠?
Isn’t it amazing?
B: 차차씨가 미쳤다는 걸 알겠어요
I see you are crazy Chacha

All Translations

Since 알겠다 is ‘become aware of something’, You can translate it as ‘know’, ‘realize’, ‘notice’, ‘figure out’ and ‘find out’. Especially, ‘to figure out’ or ‘to find out’ is perfectly matched to ‘알겠다’ (or sometimes, 알아냈다).


이게 뭔지 알겠어요
I found out what it is

Vocabulary Note

이거 [igeo] : this
꼭 [ggok] : must [adverb]
무슨 [museun] : what
말 [mal] : speech / word / language
커피 [ceopi] : coffee
코 [co] : nose
마시다 [masida] : to drink
대단하다 [dedanhada] : to be amazing
미치다 [michida] : to be crazy