Like This in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. I want to ask you something. How often do you say ‘like this’? I think Koreans say it really often when they don’t want to explain something in words lol. They just say ‘like this’ and done. A BEST EXPLANATION LOL. I think it’s pretty important and essential to level up your Korean skill. So, we are going to learn how to say Like This in Korean.


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Warm Up Your Brain

This word uses ‘이 (this)’ that you can find in other determiners or pronounces. Can you guess what ‘Like this’ is in Korean?

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Like This in Korean Featured

Like This in Korean



Like this


이렇게 is a shorten form of 이러하게 which is a adverb form of 이렇다. Lol… Yeah you can see how messed up Korean conjugations are. 이렇다 means ‘status, shape, character, property or such things is same to THIS’. It’s almost perfectly same to “to be like this”.


When it has an adverb form 이렇게, It drops ‘to be’ and keeps ‘like this’ only so you can use it with a verb or an adjective. If my description is confusing, see next 2 sentences : ‘it’s like this’ and ‘do it like this’. ‘It’s like this’ uses 이렇다 because it has ‘be’ in the sentence without any other words. ‘do it like this’ uses 이렇게 because it has a verb ‘do’.

As ‘This Much’

이렇게 has another function that you must know. If you use 이렇게 before an adjective such as ‘good’, ‘pretty’ or ‘smart’, 이렇게 describes degree of quality or quantity as ‘this much’ or ‘this many’. It’s same to ‘this + adjective’ also.


이렇게 많이
This many

How To Use

A: 이렇게 만들어보세요
Make it like this
B: 흠… 어렵네요
Hmm… it’s difficult


A: 이렇게 좋을 줄은 몰랐어요
I didn’t think it would be this good
B: 그죠?
I know right?


A: 이렇게 팔을 움직이면 날 수 있어요
You can fly if you move your arms like this
B: 여기 미친 사람이 있어요
A crazy person is here

이렇게 With 요 Ending

Even though 이렇게 is an adverb. It can be directly used with 요 ending : 이렇게요. It doesn’t make any difference for meaning but the tone becomes more polite when you want to say ‘like this’ only. 이렇게요 is more polite and appropriate in many situations.


Like this

Vocabulary Note

만들다 [mandeulda] : to make
어렵다 [eoryeopdda] : to be difficult
좋다 [jota] : to be good / to like
모르다 [moreuda] : to not know
팔 [pal] : arm
움직이다 [umjigida] : to move / to move (something)
날다 [nalda] : to fly
– 수 있다 [su itdda] : can
여기 [yeogi] : here
미친 [michin] : to be crazy
사람 [saram] : person / human
있다 [itdda] : to be (place) / to have