깜깜해요 Meaning in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun! Do you remember the last tutorial? Yes, we’ve learned how to say ‘(something) is dark’. But actually Korean language has another vocabulary to say ‘something is dark’. Both are sometimes same, sometimes very different. So, are you ready to learn what 깜깜하다 means in Korean?


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깜깜해요 Meaning in Korean


It’s dark


Basic form : 깜깜하다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 깜깜해
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 안깜깜해요


깜깜하다 describes ‘something is dark’ because there is no light. 깜깜하다 is from 까맣다 which means ‘to be black’ in Korean. Funny thing is, you can’t use 깜깜하다 to say some color is too dark even though its origin is from a color. It’s perfectly fine only when it’s dark because of no light.

Why Can’t It Describe Dark Color?

For native Koreans, 깜깜하다 often means a complete darkness or almost complete darkness that you can barely see. That’s the most biggest difference between 깜깜하다 and 어둡다.


To be dark because of no light

How To Use

A: 깜깜해서 아무것도 안보여요
I can’t see because it’s too dark
B: 불 켜줄게요
I’ll turn on the light


A: 여기 너무 깜깜해요
It’s too dark here
B: 돌아갈까요?
Do you want to go back?


A: 너무 깜깜해요!!!
It’s too dark!!!
B: 눈 떠요
Open your eyes

Korean Idiom 눈 앞이 깜깜하다

Native Koreans say 눈 앞이 깜깜하다 when they are in panic and don’t know what to do or how to do because of a big trouble. It literally means ‘the front of eyes is dark’ which actually describes the future is dark. Imagine you were in a complete darkness and you couldn’t even see your hands, what would you do? Nothing right? You can’t see anything so you can’t make a further step. That’s exactly what 눈 앞이 깜깜하다 is.


눈 앞이 깜깜해졌다
I didn’t know what to do

Vocabulary Note

아무것도 [amugeoddo] : nothing
안보이다 [an-boida] : to not look
불 [bul] : fire / light
켜다 [kyeoda] : turn on
여기 [yeogi] : here
너무 [neomu] : too many / too much
돌아가다 [doragada] : go back
눈 [nun] : eye / eyes
눈 뜨다 [ddeuda] : to open one’s eyes