It’s Too Dark in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun! Do you like being in darkness? Not many people actually like it because it makes a fear on your mind. You can say darkness is perfectly fine with you but trust me, you would change your mind right away if you stayed outside in forest without a single light lol. BTW, how can we say ‘It’s too dark! I can’t see anything!’ in Korean? ‘If’ we stayed in a darkness that we don’t want? Today we are oging to learn how to say ‘it’s too dark’ and useful Korean phrases that you can use with it!

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It's Too Dark in Korean Featured

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How Natives Say It’s Too Dark in Korean

너무 어두워요

[neomu eoduwoyo]
It’s too dark


Basic form : 너무 어둡다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 너무 어두워
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 너무 어둡지는 않아요


너무 means ‘too much’ or ‘too many’, 어두워요 means ‘to be dark’ in Korean. 어두워요 is directly related to a noun 어둠 which means ‘darkness’. 어둠 only means the absence of light but 어두워요 also can describe some color is dark and something evil or ominous or gloomy also in Korean.

With Color

Just like in English, 어두워요 is also perfectly good to say ‘some color is dark’ or ‘dark + color’. If you want to say ‘dark + color’. You should use the adjective modifier form : -운.


어두운 갈색
Dark brown (color)

How To Use

A: 여기 너무 어둡네요
It’s too dark here
B: 다른 곳으로 가죠
Let’s go somewhere else


A: 저는 어두운 색이 좋아요
I like dark colors
B: 그럼 이건 어때요?
Then how about this?


A: 어둠을 받아들여라
Embrace the darkness
B: 그래요

Korean Idiom 표정이 어둡다

표정이 어둡다 is an common Korean idiom. 표정 means ‘facial emotion’ and you just learned what 어둡다 means. So, it means ‘one’s face is dark’. It describes someone makes a serious face because of worries or something bad happened. I can think of few English phrases that can be ‘표정이 어둡다’ but I’m not so sure if there is some exactly same phrase (I guess not).


준씨 표정이 많이 어두워 보였어요
Jun looked very worried

Another Vocabulary For Dark Color

You can use ‘짙다’ instead of ‘어둡다’ when color is dark. It’s often used specially with painting or the color of water. However, 짙다 has a bit different nuance than 어둡다. It sounds like ‘it’s dark because it’s deep’.


강이 매우 짙어 아무것도 보이지 않았다
The river was very dark (deep) so I couldn’t see anything

Vocabulary Note

다르다 [dareuda] : to be different
곳 [got] : place (with determiners)
가다 [gada] : to go
색 [sek] : color
좋다 [jota] : to be good / to like
그럼 [geureom] : then
이건 [igeon] : 이거 + 는 : this (subject)
어때요 [eotteyo] : how about -?
받아들이다 [bada-deurida] : to accept / to embrace / to take
그래요 [geureyo] : ok
표정 [pyojeong] : facial expression
많이 [mani] : very
보이다 [boida] : look
강 [gang] : river
매우 [meu] : very (a bit formal)