It’s Not Funny in Korean

Hello guys, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. I always make a big big big effort for funny examples when it’s funny even for myself. I get stressed a bit lol. It’s a real big challenge to make something funny everyday. Anyway, we all have our own preferences for everything so sometimes we have chances to say ‘oh well that wasn’t funny much’ right? That’s another great expression that you can use for what you don’t like or you like. So today we are going to learn how to say it’s not funny in Korean

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What’s not funny to you? Tell me something that wasn’t funny at all!

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It's Not Funny in Korean Featured

How To Say It’s Not Funny in Korean


It’s not funny


Basic form : 안웃기다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 안웃겨
Positive form with 해요 speech style : 웃겨요


안웃겨요 literally means ‘it’s not funny’. However, the verb 웃겨요 actually means ‘to make someone laugh’ but it can mean ‘to be funny’ at same time. Sometimes 웃겨요 sounds more similar to ‘hilarious’ more than ‘funny’. You can’t say 안웃겨요 when someone laughs about or at something that you find it offensive.

How To Use

A: 이거 봐봐요
Look at this
B: 전혀 안웃겨요
It’s not funny at all


A: 이 영화 웃겨요?
Is this movie funny?
B: 별로 재미없어요
It’s not funny much


A: 이거 안웃겨요
This is not funny
B: 강아지가 자기 방귀에 놀랐잖아요
But the dog scared himself by his own fart



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