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It’s Fun in Korean

Hi everybody, It’s your Korean Teacher Jun. Are my Korean tutorials are fun enough for you? SAY YES. I SAY NO TO NO lol. I really hope you guys enjoy my all tutorials and feel less bored! I’m always making the best effort for a good joke but it’s really hard lol. Anyway, that’s why we are going to learn how to say It’s Fun in Korean. To say it to Jun… 😀 hihihi

Warm Up Your Brain

Fun in Korean is ‘jaemi’. Can you write it in Hangul letters? Write it down on somewhere and see if you wrote it correctly.

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How To Say It’s Fun in Korean


It’s fun


It’s fun in Korean is 재밌어요. The basic form is ‘재미있다’. The original phrase is 재미있어요 actually but native Koreans always prefer ‘재밌어요’ for conversations.


재미있다 literally means ‘there is fun’ or ‘it has fun’. 재미(fun) + 있다(there is / have). Buuuuut, this 재미 is slightly different than ‘fun’ in English. Maybe a lot different.

Use of 재밌어요

However, the definition of 재미 can be very different than fun in English. Because for Korean, 재미 is not only a fun thing. It also can mean something you can have a great time. It doesn’t make many problems normally but it does when Koreans use it in an adjective modifier.


재미있는 영화
A Fun Move (?)


You might think the above phrase means ‘comedy movie’. Actually, it means ‘a nice movie’ in the Korean sense. No matter what the movie genre is, you can say the movie has 재미 because 재미 in Korean means having a nice time also.

How To Use

A: 이 영화 재밌어요?
Is This movie good?
B: 볼만해요
Not bad

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A: 오늘 어땠어요?
How was your today?
B: 오늘 진짜 재밌었어요
It was really fun today


A: 내일 영화 보러 같이 가요
Let’s go to a movie tomorrow
B: 어떤 영화요?
Which movie?
A: 이 영화는 어때요?
How about this movie?
B: 좋아요. 재밌을 거 같아요!
Great, it seems fun!

재미 as Funny

Sometimes native Koreans use 재미있다 to say something is funny especially as an exclamation for jokes or comedies. It happens because the word ‘funny’ in Korean can have a negative meaning sometimes.


하하 그 농담 재밌네요
Haha that joke is funny

Funny in Korean

Funny is 웃기다 in Korean. 웃기다 literally means ‘to make someone laugh’ but it works as ‘to be funny’ at same time. Well… that perfectly makes sense like ‘something makes people laugh because it’s funny’. However, sometimes 웃기다 has a negative nuance.


이거 진짜 웃겨요
This is really funny

Vocabulary Note

이 [i] : this [determiner]
영화 [yeonghwa] : movie
보다 [boda] : to watch / look / see
볼만하다 [bol-manhada] : to be not bad to watch
오늘 [oneul] : today
진짜 [jinjja] : really
내일 [neil] : tomorrow
같이 [gachi] : together
가다 [gada] : to go
어떤 [eoddeon] : which / what kind / some
좋아요 [joayo] : to be good / to like
-같다 [gadda] : to seem like / to look like