It’s Different in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun and welcome to another tutorial. I decided to buy something I wanted and I bought it WHILE my brain was yelling ‘it’s not the same one, it’s different duuude it’s different’.

Warm Up Your Brain

Let’s teach our brain how to yell ‘it’s different’ in Korean.

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This AD helps Korean Jun to keep making all tutorials free
It's Different in Korean Featured

It’s Different in Korean


It’s different


Basic form : 그러한
반말(informal non-honorific) form : –
Negative form with 해요 speech style : –


You can use 다르다 to say ‘(something) is different’. When it has 요 ending, it becomes ‘달라요’. It’s an irregular verb. For meaning ‘different’. It’s just same to ‘different’ in English. There is no difference much for nuance between 달라요 and ‘different’. You don’t need to be careful to use 달라요. There is no any possibility that you can insult Koreans with 달라요. It’s 100% safe and organic. If you thought it’s easy today, hold that thought lol. Here are extra toppings for 달라요 lol. It has more meanings you really have to know.

달라요 = Other

Technically, you can’t say ‘other different things’ in Korean. You can not even make a sentence like that because ‘other’ and ‘different’ are same in Korean. 달라요 also means ‘another’ or ‘other’.  Korean language just decided not to make another word for them and to use 달라요 instead because other = different in Korean mindset. In this case, you have to change 달라요 to the adjective modifier form : 다른. You can use it to modify a noun like ‘다른 thing’ or ‘다른 language’.


다른 사람
Other people / Another person / Different person


It makes many funny things which don’t make any sense if you think about it. Like ‘다른 것들과 같아요’ means ‘it’s same to different things’ because 달라요 can mean ‘other’. But… it’s… like… how can it be same if it’s different? Funny thing is, I really didn’t notice that this word doesn’t make sense sometimes until I made this tutorial.

How To Use

이건 달라요
This is different


다른 사람한테 주세요
Give it to another person


저는 다른 사람들이랑 달라요
I’m different than other people
뭐가 다른데요?
What’s different?
저는 유니콘이에요!
I’m a unicorn!

Wrong = Different

Sometimes, Koreans use ‘틀려요’ to say ‘to be different’. However, 틀려요 actually means ‘to be wrong’. It’s used especially when there is a specific standard for comparing many things. It can be offensive sometimes. So, you need to be careful with using 틀려요.


이건 저거랑 틀려요
This is different than that

Vocabulary Note

이건 [igeon] : 이거(this) + 는(topic marker)
사람 [saram] : person
한테 [hante] : to [indirect object marker]
주다 [juda] : to give
저 [jeo] : I / me
사람들 [saramduel] : people
랑 [rang] : with
뭐 [mwo] : what
유니콘 [yunicon] : unicorn
저거 [jeogeo] : that