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It’s Cold in Korean

Hi everybody, it’s your dying Korean teacher Jun. How’s everybody? I’m freezing to death here lol. It feels like I’m living in a fridge. I really don’t appreciate it much when winter comes even though I wanted cold weather at summer. I’m pretty sure almost normal people are same for this. Give me a high five normal people lol. Anyway, we are going to learn how to say it’s cold in Korean before we die in cold!

Warm Up Your body

To keep yourself survive from winter lol. And focus your every energy for surviving to make a Korean phrase and try to translate ‘it’s cold’ to Korean.

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How To Say It’s Cold in Korean


It’s cold / I feel cold (for weather)

추워요 is a very unique verb that English doesn’t have. 추워요 means that I feel cold from the weather or temperature from the environment. So, you can’t say something is cold with 추워요. Maybe it’s really tricky to understand right? But you will understand it 100% at the end of this lesson.

오늘 너무 추워요
It’s so cold today

내일부터 추워진대요
It’s getting cold from tomorrow

It’s cold, ins’t it?

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Something Is Cold


It’s cold (for objects)

You can use 차가워요 to also say something is cold in Korean but you can’t use it to say weather is cold. Korean language separated coldness into 2 words like this and this is really important because no native Koreans would understand that the weather is cold when you say 차가워요.

물이 차가워요
Water is cold

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음식이 차가워요
The food is cold

준씨 손이 엄청 차가워요
Your hands are so cold Jun

춥다 vs 차갑다

Basically, There is no way to distinguish 춥다 and 차갑다 when both are translated in English. However, you have to use them properly because they are different words in Korean. 춥다 is coldness you feel from the weather or environment and 차갑다 is that the actual temperature of something is low.

Something Is Cold


It’s cold (for skin, water, air, food)

차다 is exactly same to 차갑다 but it’s used for skin, water, air, food. However, it’s an informal Korean phrase so you can use it only when you can use 반말 (informal non-honorific) and it sounds like you’re talking to yourself a little bit.

공기가 차다
The air is cold

손이 차다
Hands are cold

How To Use It

A: 한국은 날씨가 어때요?
How is the weather in Korea?
B: 진짜 추워요
It’s really cold

A: 춥죠? 담요 줄까요?
It’s cold isn’t it? Do you want a blanket?
B: 괜찮아요
I’m okay

A: 오늘 너무 추웠어요
It was so cold today
B: 따듯한 물로 샤워해요
Take a hot shower

Learn It Together

오늘 : Today
내일 : Tomorrow
음식 : Food
손 : Hand / Hands
엄청 : So much / Very
날씨 : Weather
진짜 : Really
담요 : Blanket
너무 : Too / So much / So
괜찮아요 : It’s okay / I’m okay / I’m fine
따듯하다 : Warm
물 : Water
샤워하다 : Take a shower