I’m Tired in Korean (피곤하다)

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. At least, once a day, we get tired all after works and studies. It happens everyday and we think like ‘oh I’m so tired’ everyday. And it’s another proof that we all are awesome lol. But how can you say I’m Tired in Korean just like native Koreans? Today we are going to learn how to say I’m Tired in Korean.

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How To Say I’m Tired in Korean


I’m tired


Basic form : 피곤하다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 피곤해
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 안피곤해요


피곤하다 means ‘tired’ in Korean but it can be different a bit to ‘tired’. You can use 피곤하다 when you have no more energy for a day or when you are mentally tired. 피곤하다 isn’t 100% natural to describe a temporary physical tiredness or lack of stamina after some exercises. Well… it can be natural though if you have no more energy for a day after working out at night.

Tiredness in Korean

피로 is a formal noun that describes feeling tired. You can easily find this word on commercials or news especially with the word ‘recover’. When it’s used with the word ‘recover’, 피로 is more natural to translate as stamina’.


피로 회복에 좋아요
It’s good for recovering stamina (from tiredness)

How To Use

A: 오늘 너무 피곤해요
I’m so tired today
B: 힘든 일 했어요?
Did you some tough work?


A: 피곤할텐데 일찍 자요!
You must be tired! go to bed early
B: 그럼 내일 봐요
Then see you tomorrow


A: 자도 너무 피곤하네요
I’m so tired even I slept (enough)
B: 그게 나이가 들어간다는 증거예요
That’s the proof you are getting older
A: 이젠 그냥 울고싶네요
Now I feel like crying
B: 젊음이여 안녕 ㅎㅎ
Bye youth 🙂



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