I’m Stressed Out in Korean

Really? Oh you need a nice rest and an amazing dinner and a fun movie 🙁 I’m really sad If you’re stressed out too much now. I really wish I could make your day and forget about all stresses.

Anyway… Hi guys, It’s your Korean teacher / friend Jun! I don’t know if you are stressed out right now but I’m pretty sure many people are under a lot of stresses. It really sucks. Let’s turn it into a new chance to learn Korean and make one step forward for you! Today we’re going to learn I’m stressed out in Korean.

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I'm Stressed Out in Korean Featured

How To Say I’m Stressed Out in Korean

스트레스 받아요

[stress badayo]
I’m stressed out


Basic form : 스트레스 받다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 스트레스 받아
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 스트레스 안받아요


Koreans also use the English word stress. The pronounciation is slightly different but it’s really okay to pronounce it in English. 받다 means ‘receive’, ‘take’, ‘accept’ or ‘get’. So what 스트레스 받다 means is ‘get some stress’.


I don’t think there is another way to say ‘to be stressed’ in Korean. Native Koreans always use the word ‘stress’. You can see ‘스트레스’ as a meaning of ‘stress’ lol when you look up ‘stress’ in a dictionary.

Stress in Korean

You must know 스트레스 in Korean doesn’t mean any physical stress unlike ‘stress’ in English. 스트레스 is used only for mental stress like stress from worries or work. Beside that difference. Stress in Korean is very similar to Stress in English.

How To Use

A: 무슨 일 있어요?
What’s wrong?
B: 시험 때문에 스트레스 받아요
I’m stressed out because of the exam


A: 준씨 스트레스 주지마세요
Don’t stress him out
B: 준씨한테 무슨 일 있었어요?
What’s wrong with him?


A: 스트레스 받아서 머리를 밀었어요
I got so stressed so I shaved my head
B: 네???
A: 나는 이제 대머리에요
I’m bald now
B: 네??????

Stress Someone

‘Get stressed’ was ‘스트레스 받다(receive stress)’ in Korean, then can you guess what’s ‘stress someone’? Yes. You must use a verb ‘주다’ which means give in Korean. Or you can use ‘받게하다’ which means ‘make someone to receive’ in Korean.


스트레스 주다
Stress (someone) out

Comforting in Korean

Native Koreans often say ‘너무 스트레스 받지마’ to comfort others. It literally means ‘don’t get stressed out’ but it actually means ‘take it easy’ or ‘forget about it’. To be honest, Korean language doesn’t have many expressions to comfort someone lol.


너무 스트레스 받지마세요
Don’t get stressed too much
Take it easy

Vocabulary Note

무슨 [museun] : what
일 [il] : job / work / task / event
시험 [siheom] : test / exam
때문에 [ddemune]  : because
받다 [batdda] : receive
주다 [juda] : give
머리 [meori] : head / hair
밀다 [milda] : push / shave
이제 [ije] : now
대머리 [demeori] : bald head