I’m Sleepy in Korean

Hi guys, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. Every morning, we always say this. It’s something that  modern people always need to say. Guess what? It’s I’m sleepy lol. No doubt why we always need coffee. It’s like ‘I’m sleepy’ is a synonym of ‘I need coffee’ for a lot of adults. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you say this at least once a week or a day. So, today we are going to learn how to say I’m sleepy in Korean.

Warm Up Your Brain

I made an awesome tip for how to wake your brain up at the end! Keep reading!

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I'm Sleepy in Korean Featured

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How To Say I’m Sleepy in Korean


I’m sleepy


Basic form : 졸리다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 졸려
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 안졸려


졸리다 is to be sleepy in Korean. Well… to be honest, I don’t have many things to teach about this word because it’s exactly same to English word ‘to be sleepy’. Lol. so easy today huh? Memorize it like ‘Joli is sleepy’.

You Should Know

졸리다 can be very weird with 합니다 speech style. Of course, you can use it with 합니다 speech style though. Using 피곤합니다(I’m tired) instead if you have to use 합니다. However, 합니다 speech style, 해요 speech style can be mixed.

How To Use

A: 졸려요. 자야겠어요
I’m sleepy. I should sleep
B: 그래요. 내일 봐요!
Ok, see you tomorrow!


A: 잠을 제대로 못자서 너무 졸려요
I’m so sleepy because I didn’t sleep well
B: 조금 쉬는게 어때요?
Why don’t you have a rest bit?


졸릴 때는 커피를 타서
Make coffee if you are sleepy
키보드에 쏟아보세요!
And spill it on your keyboard!
마법처럼 잠이 깹니다!
It wakes you up like magic

Sleep Comes

Native Koreans often say ‘잠(이) 오다’ to say ‘sleepy’. 잠 오다 literally means ‘Sleep is coming’. It’s really commonly used especially for casual conversation. It also can mean ‘be falling asleep’ too. Well… that makes sense because sleepy = falling asleep.


잠 와요
I’m sleepy

Vocabulary Note

자다 [jada] : to sleep
내일 [neil] : tomorrow
잠 [jam] : sleep [noun]
제대로 [jedero] : correctly / hard / seriously
너무 [neomu] : too many / too much
조금 [jogeum] : few / little / a bit
쉬다 [suida] : to rest
커피 [ceopi] : coffee
타다 [tada] : ride / make coffee or tea
키보드 [kibodeu] : keyboard
쏟다 [ssotdda] : to spill / pour
마법 [mabeob] : magic
깨다 [ggeda] : to wake up