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Hi guys, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. These days I’ve been really really busy because of all works for Korean Jun. Of course, I’m still busy though lol. I’m sure almost every people spend their days busy with study and work. Being busy is a big part of our life lol. But how do you say I’m busy in Korean? Today we are going to learn how to say it!

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I'm Busy in Korean Featured

How To Say I’m Busy in Korean


I’m busy


Basic form : 바쁘다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 바빠
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 안바빠요


바빠요 sounds funny a bit because it seems like ‘papayo’ lol. Sorry for a random talk. 바쁘다 is almost same to ‘busy’ in English but of course, 바빠요 has a minor difference.


You can say 바빠요 when you are busy because you have a lot of things to do. However, In Korean sense, ‘being busy’ doesn’t mean you’re doing something like ‘being busy with reading a book’. It should be your work or chores (not always but almost time).


Native Koreans would think you’re being a bit not nice if you say ‘바빠요’ when you are not working. Of course, between close friends, it’s perfectly okay (or not).

바빠요 For Schedule

You can use 바빠요 to say you have a plan already or your schedule is already full especially when someone asks if you have a time. Native Koreans often use 바빠요 to reject to a suggestion of plan.


그날은 바빠요
I’m busy at that day

How To Use

A: 내일 시간돼요?
Are you free tomorrow?
B: 내일은 바빠요
I’m busy tomorrow


A: 준씨, 어떻게 지내요?
How have you been Jun?
B: 요즘 너무 바빠요
I’ve been really busy these days


A: 내일 데이트할래요?
Do you want to go out with me tomorrow?
B: 저 바빠요 ㅎㅎ
I’m busy 🙂
A: 이번 주말에는요?
How about this weekend?
B: 네~ 바빠요
Ooooki buuusssy
A: 내년에는요?
How about next year?
B: 바쁨~

Do You Have Some Time?

‘바빠요?’ is a perfect phrase to ask if someone has time in Korean language. When you want to ask if someone has some time to talk or to do something, ask ‘지금 바빠요?’. That’s the most common Korean way for asking it.


지금 바빠요?
Are you busy now?
= Do you have some time now?

Vocabulary Note

내일 [neil] : tomorrow
시간 [sigan] : time
어떻게 [eoddeoke] : how
요즘 [yojeum] : these days
너무 [neomu] : too many / too much
데이트하다 [deiteu-hada] : to go on a date
이번 [ibeon] : this / upcoming
주말 [jumal] : weekend
내년 [nenyeon] : next year



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