I Love You in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun! I’m pretty sure many students already know how to say I love you in Korean because this is what I’ve mostly heard lol. Still, I’m very sure you don’t know how to use it properly yet! Today you’re going to learn how to say I love you in Korean and how native Koreans use it in real life!

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I Love You in Korean Featured

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How to Say I love you in Korean


I love you


Basic form : 사랑하다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 사랑해
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 안사랑해요


사랑하다 is I love you in Korean is 사랑해요. Actually this phrase doesn’t have ‘I’ or ‘you’. It’s just one verb, love. When you say you love someone in Korean, we don’t need more than ‘love’. Well… not because of a romantic reason though lol. You just can drop a subject and an object lol.


Korean word 사랑해요 is most natural when you say it to a second person as ‘I love you’ or when you ask a second person if he/she loves you like ‘do you love me?’

How Native Koreans Feels

사랑하다 sounds a very serious or sometimes very casual at same time than ‘love’ in English because love isn’t a next level of ‘like’ in Korean. In Korean language, Korean language defines 사랑 as an action that 2 persons care and treasure each other. It seems obvious? Well not much because it makes no too big different than ‘like someone else’.


Of course, it depends on each person. But you can see often Koreans say 사랑해요 before having a serious relationship or even before asking out for a date. Or, Koreans say ‘I like him / her a lot’ instead of saying ‘I love him / her’ when they talk to other people.

How To Use

A: 자기 나 사랑해?
Honey, do you love me?
B: 응 당연하지!
Yes, of course!


A: 사랑해요
I love you
B: 누구한테 말한거예요?
Whom did you say it to?


A: 제가 사랑하는 여친이에요
She’s my gf who I love
B: 아무도 없잖아요
But there is no one
A: 맞음
B: 따흐흑
*cry loud*

Love vs 사랑하다

Korean word ‘사랑하다’ is waaaay different than English word ‘love’. Yes. love isn’t a next level of ‘like’ in Korean. But there is more. Koreans don’t say ‘I love it’ or ‘I love something’ noramlly like ‘I love my job’ or ‘I love pizza’. Many students have asked me how to say those things. I can say Koreans just simply don’t say like that. They just say ‘I like (something) so much’


저는 제 직업이 진짜 좋아요
I really love my job

Vocabulary Note

당연하다 [dang-yeon-hada] : to be obvious
방금 [banggeum] : just now
누구 [nugu] : who
말하다 [malhada] : talk to / speak to
제 [je] : my
여친 [yeochin] : gf
아무도 [amudo] : no one
없다 : there isn’t
맞다 : correct / right
따흐흑 [ddaheuheug] : crying sound [slang]