I Fell Asleep in Korean

Hi guys, it’s your Korean Teacher Jun! Do you remember exactly when you fall asleep every night? In a short moment, your consciousness goes off and we jump in a dream world but it seems impossible to see exactly when we fall asleep lol. You’re thinking I’m talking about a random thing. Nope! Because I’m going to teach you how to say I fell asleep in Korean! lol

Warm Up Your Brain

Tell me. Have you ever missed an important plan by falling asleep?

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I Fell Asleep in Korean Featured

How To Say I Fell Asleep in Korean

잠 들었어요

[jam deuleo-sseoyo]
I fell asleep


Basic form : 잠들다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : –
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 잠 안들었어요 / 안잠들었어요


잠들다 is a very interesting Korean expression even though it’s very commonly used. 잠 means ‘sleep’ in Korean as a noun and 들다 can mean so many things but I think it means ‘enter’, ‘come in’, ‘move in’ or ‘dye’ in this phrase. So, it literally says ‘sleep come into you’ or ‘you’re dyed by sleep’. Although, it seems impossible to find the origin so I can only guess.


잠들었어요 can be written with spacing between 잠 and 들었어요. 잠들었어요. 잠 들었어요 and 잠들었어요 are perfectly same.

You Should Know

잠들었어요 can not be used in any progressive tense like ‘I’m falling asleep’ because 잠들다 already means ‘fell asleep’ itself. It’s most natural with past tense or future tense.


Also, it’s not natural to use with 반말 (informal non-honorific) speech style in present tense. Of course, you can use it with past tense and future tense.

How To Use

A: 어제 깜빡 잠들었어요
I fell asleep without noticing
B: 괜찮아요
It’s okay


A: 잠들었어요?
Is he sleeping?
B: 네 이제 막 잠들었어요
Yes he just fell asleep


A: 잠들 거 같아요
I think I’m falling asleep
B: 제가 눈꺼풀 계속 잡고 있을게요
Then I’ll keep holding your eyelids open

With 깜빡

Native Koreans use 잠들다 with an adverb 깜빡 really really often. 깜빡 is a word that describes a flash that goes on and off repeatedly but it also uses that someone’s mind is blanked.


깜빡 잠들다 often describes falling asleep without noticing.


깜빡 잠들었어요
I fell asleep (without noticing)

Vocabulary Note

어제 [eoje] : yesterday
괜찮아요 [quenchanayo] : it’s fine / it’s ok
네 [ne] : ok / yes
이제 [ije] : now
눈꺼풀 [nunggeopul] : eyelid
계속 [gesok] : continue
잡다 [japda] : hold



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