그런 Meaning in Korean

Hello guys, it’s your Korean teacher Jun and welcome to another Korean tutorial! Korean language has so many fresh words that confuse you every time. And the word of today is also same. Actually I’ve requested this tutorial after few tutorials about ‘like that’ or ‘like this’. And sadly, I have to tell you Korean has more words for those. But don’t worry, as always! I’ll make a very detailed explanation! Then, let’s start it! 그런 Meaning in Korean!


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Q. What does 그런 mean and where does it come from?

Warm Up Your Brain

Do you remember what 그 means? I’ve mentioned of it several times in previous tutorials. Can you tell me what it is

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Perfect Explanation for 그런 meaning in Korean


That kind of


그런 is very similar to 그렇게 but it’s an adjective. 그런 means ‘status, shape, character, property or such things is same to THAT’. It’s almost same to ‘like that’, ‘such as’ or ‘that kind of’. However, since it’s an adjective, it can be used only before a noun. For example. 그런 모양 (that kind of shape), 그런 방법 (that kind of method).

그 vs 그런

If you know 그 and 그런 both, maybe it confuses you very much because both can be translated as ‘that’. However, the nuance can be slightly different. 그 describes a precise thing and 그런 describes everything similar to what you are talking about. I’ll show you 2 examples.


그런 사람 하고 이야기하지마
Don’t talk to him


그 사람하고 이야기하지마
Don’t talk to him


그런 사람 and 그 사람 are perfectly natural to be translated as ‘him’. However, ‘a person like him’ is more natural when you translate 그런 사람.

How To Use

그런 방법으로는 안돼요
It can’t be done with that kind of method
그러면 어쩌죠?
Then what should we do?


이 영화 볼래요?
Do you want to watch this movie?
그런 영화는 별로예요
I don’t like that kind of movies


그런건 별로예요?
You don’t like that kind of thing?
네? 이거 개똥인데…
What? It’s a doggy poop…
So, you don’t like it

As ‘In That Manner’

When you use 그런 to complement a method or a way to do something, it’s more natural to translate ‘그런’ as ‘in that manner’ or ‘in that way’, not ‘kind of’. In this case, 그런 isn’t much vague.


그런 방법이 있었네요
I didn’t know that solution
=  그런 doesn’t mean ‘that kind of’

Vocabulary Note

방법 [bangbeop] : method
안돼다 [andoeda] : to fail
그러면 [geureomyeon] : if so / then
어찌하다 [eojjihada] : to do something
이 [i] : this [deternmier]
영화 [yeonghwa] : movie
보다 [boda] : to watch
별로이다 [byeolloida] : to be not good
이거 [igeo] : this [pronoun]
개 [ge] : dog
똥 [ddong] : poop / shit