Don’t Say That in Korean

Don’t say you are going to leave me. DON’T… Hello guys, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. Did you like my dramatic opening? Lol. Everybody says something very sad or rude sometimes. No matter if it’s forward to you or themselves, we face the moment that we have to stop them saying. But… how can we stop them in Korean? Today we’re going to learn how to say Don’t Say That in Korean!

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Don't Say That in Korean Featured

How To Say Don’t Say That in Korean

그런 말하지 마세요

[geureon malhaji maseyo]
Don’t say that


Basic form : –
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 그런 말하지 마
Negative form with 해요 speech style : –


Let’s take a look word by word. 그런 is a determiner that means ‘that’. 말하다 is a verb that means ‘speak’ or ‘say’, 지 마세요 is a conjugation is used to ask someone not to do something.


그런 말하지 마세요 is very fine to use in every situation. It doesn’t sound rude at all. It can even sound so sweet nice with a sweet tone. Imagine an old man saying ‘I’m too old, I won’t live for long’ and his son saying ‘그런 말하지 마세요 father’.

지 마세요 Ending in Korean

-지 마세요 ending is used to ask someone not to do something. 세요 ending is called ‘ㅅ honorific’ and it’s usually used to be more polite about other people’s actions. You don’t need to use ‘ㅅ honorific’ every time but it’s highly recommended.


읽지 마세요
Don’t read it

How To Use

A: **!
B: 나쁜 말 하지 마세요
Don’t use bad words


A: 나도 이제 늙었구나
I’m too old
B: 그런 말 하지마세요 아버지
Don’t say that, father


A: 그런 말 하지마세요
Don’t say that
B: 아직 아무말도 안했어요
I didn’t say anything yet



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