Don’t Lie in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean Teacher Jun! We all do lie no matter if it’s a white lie or not. We all lie sometimes. Let’s imagine a moment, it was your birthday. Your friend gave you some expensive present but you didn’t like it much. What would you do? You would say you love it right? That’s also a lie but a good one. But what if the friend was actually you and you wanted to know the truth? So today, we are going to learn how to say don’t lie in Korean!

Warm Up Your Brain

You can easily find a Korean word for ‘lie’ in any Korean drama or song. Can you guess what it is?

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How To Say Don’t Lie in Korean

거짓말 하지마세요

[geojitmal haji-maseyo]
Don’t lie


Basic form : 거짓말 하지않다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 거짓말 하지마
Positive form with 해요 speech style : 거짓말 하세요


Ooh it’s a bit long right? Let’s look at the phrase closer word by word. 거짓말 is ‘lie’ in Korean as noun. 하지마요 is asking somebody not to do something. 세요 make the phrase more polite. So, technically, 거짓말 하지마세요 is more like a polite but serious asking.


거짓말 하지마세요 is perfectly translated to ‘don’t lie to me’ also even though it doesn’t have any word for ‘to me’. The phrase already implies ‘don’t lie to me’ already.

How To Use

A: 제가 안했어요
I didn’t do it
B: 거짓말하지 마세요
Don’t lie to me


A: 진짜예요?
Is it true?
B: 거짓말 아니에요
It’s not a lie


A: 준씨가 제 케잌 먹었어요??
Jun, did you eat my cake??
B: 아뇨…
A: 거짓말하지 마세요. 제 눈을 봐요
Don’t lie to me. Look at my eyes
B: 죽여주세요…
Kill me…



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