Got a Cold / Caught a Cold in Korean

Hi everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun. I remember once I almost cried when I caught a cold really bad lol. I was really sick and there was no one but me in my home and I made ramen but I couldn’t eat it at all because I was coughing too much. Seriously, at the moment, your tears will pop out automatically as long as you have emotions. So… That’s why we are going to learn how to say I caught a cold in Korean!

Warm Up Your Body

If you caught a cold lol. Seriously, you are amazing if you are studying Korean when you are sick. :O amazing… AMAZING. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING.

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I Caught A Cold in Korean Featured

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How To Say Caught a Cold in Korean

감기(에) 걸렸어요

[gamgi(e) geolyeo-seoyo]
I caught a cold


Basic form : 감기(에) 걸리다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 감기 걸렸어
Negative form with 해요 speech style :  감기(에) 안걸렸어요


감기 is a common cold in Korean. It’s not related to the word ‘cold’ at all unlike English. The basic form of 걸렸어요 is 걸리다 which literally means ‘be hung’. The post-position 에 can be dropped.

I’m Hung On A Cold

감기(에) 걸렸어요 actually sounds like ‘be hung on a common cold’ lol. It doesn’t make sense as much as ‘catch a cold’ lolol. I wonder how other languages express this phrase. You can use 걸리다 to say you catch or have some disease. You shouldn’t drop the post-position 에 when the disease is serious like cancers or pneumonia.


The postposition 에(e) is often dropped in a not formal conversation.

How To Use It

A: 괜찮아요?
Are you okay?
B: 감기 걸렸어요. 몸 안좋아요
I got a cold. I don’t feel okay.


A: 감기 걸렸어요
I got a cold
B: 약 좀 줄까요?
Do you need some medicine?


A: 어디 아파요?
Are you sick? (Are you okay?)
B:바지를 안입고 학교 가서 감기 걸렸어요

I caught a cold because I went to school with no pants

걸리다 Verb

The literal meaning of 걸리다 is be hung in Korean. This verb is quite special and important when you talk about health and medical stuffs because you can use it to describe having a disease. From minor things like a common cold to serious diseases like cancers.


암에 걸리다
Have a cancer

Vocabulary Notes

괜찮다 [gwenchanta] : to be fine / alright
몸 [mom] : body
안좋다 [anjota] : to be not good
약 [yak] : medicine / drug
주다 [juda] : give
어디 [eodi] : where
아프다 [apeuda] : to be sick
바지 [baji] : pants
입다 [ipdda] : wear
학교 [hakgyo] : school
가다 [gada] : go