열받아요 Meaning in Korean

Hello everyone, it’s your Korean teacher Jun! A lot of languages have many interesting expressions for anger. Korean language also has a lot also. btw, do you know anger is particularly related to ‘fire’ or ‘heat’ in Korean? Today I’m going to teach you a fun and interesting expression to say I’m angry in Korean!


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열받아요 Meaning in Korean


I’m pissed off / I’m angry


Basic form : 열받다
반말(informal non-honorific) form : 열받아
Negative form with 해요 speech style : 열 안받아요


열받다 is one of expressions that describes someone is angry. However, it’s very informal so it is not proper to use when you have to be polite. Use it between your close friends.


열받다 is made of 2 different words. 열 and 받다. 열 means ‘heat’ or ‘fever’ and 받다 means ‘receive’. So, It literally means ‘to receive heat’. ‘To receive heat’… hmmm… lolol I wonder who came up with this idea.

Look At It More Closer

Technically, 열받다 is a sort of slang but it’s been used for a long time by every Koreans. However, it’s still very informal. So, don’t use it anytime if you need to be polite even a little bit and if you say it to someone who made you angry, it wouldn’t be much pretty. Use it only when 3rd person pisses you off.


열받다 is a verb, not an adjective. So, it’s more similar to ‘to be pissed off’ in English.

How To Use

A: 아 완전 열받아요
Ahh I’m so mad
B: 무슨 일 있었어요?
What’s wrong?


A: 열받게 하지마
Don’t piss me off
B: 응 미안…
OK sorry…


열받을 때는
When you are pissed off
뜨거운 차를 끓여서
Make a hot tea,
머리에 부어보세요
Pour it on your head
왜 화났는지 잊게 될거에요
You will forget why you are angry

열주다? To Give Heat?

Since 열받다 uses a verb ‘receive’, so you may think ‘to piss someone off’ must use ‘give’. That’s a good guess but that’s completely incorrect. ‘To piss someone off’ in Korean uses ‘받게 하다’ which means ‘make someone receive’.


열받게 하다
To piss someone off / To make someone angry

Vocabulary Note

완전 [wanjeon] : totally / total / complete
무슨 [museun] : what / which
일 [il] : happening / event / work / task
하지마 [hajima] : don’t – [order / informal]
응 [eung] : ok / yes [informal]
미안 [mian] : sorry [informal]
때 [dde] : moment
뜨거운 [ddegeoun] : hot
차 [cha] : tea
끓이다 [ggeurida] : to boil
머리 [meori] : head / hair
붓다 [butdda] : to pour
왜 [we] : why
화나다 [hwanada] : to be angry
잊다 [itdda] : to forget
되다 [doeda] : to become