Korean tense

27. Negative

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In this lesson, You will learn how to make Korean negative sentences and understand conjugations better with them. Negative Conjugations So far, You’ve learned Korean has 3 conjugations for simple describing. It was ‘하다 (do, be + adjective)’, ‘이다(be + noun)’ and ‘있다(location / possession)’. Negative conjugations are different on each. Let’s see how different … Read more

16. Present Progressive Tense

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In this lesson, you will learn the most basic uses of Korean present progressive tense. Present Progressive Tense Korean present progressive tense describes a thing that is happening right now like I’m teaching you Korean. Korean present progressive tense is very similar to English somehow. It uses ‘be’ and a modified form of ‘verb’. To … Read more

15. Complex Conjugations

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In this lesson, you will learn how Korean conjugations work with deeper understanding and what complex conjugations are. Conjugation + Conjugation If you have ever learned any language which uses conjugations in its grammar such as Spanish, you will be quite surprised Korean conjugations is on another level. Korean conjugations can be combined with another … Read more

13. Korean Past Tense

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In this lesson, you will learn the most basic uses of Korean past tense. Simple Past Korean past tense actually has a lot of differences than English past tense. But for now, we will focus on its most basic use. It describes what happened in the past just like English past tense does.   저는 … Read more

11. Tense Conjugations

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Korean grammar uses conjugations to decide the tense of sentence, just like other languages do. You’ve learned that in a previous lesson and you will learn exactly which part decides it and how in this lesson. MUST READ You will learn how Korean tense conjugation system works in this lesson, not tenses. You will learn … Read more