Korean conjugations

34. Ask / Order [하세요 Imperative]

Korean Haseyo Imperative ask img

In this lesson, you will learn how to ask or order someone to do in a polite manner. 세요 Imperative In the previous lesson, you learned how to make imperative sentence without changing a sentence much. 세요 imperative is more polite and nice than the basic imperative. But it becomes slightly more formal.   세요 … Read more

33. Ask / Order [해요 Imperative]

Korean Haeyo Imperative img

In this lesson, you will learn how to ask or order others to do something with 해요 imperative sentences. Ask And Order in Korean grammar Imperative sentence of Korean grammar is highly developed than other languages. Korean grammar has so many ways to order or ask someone to do something. In this lesson, We will … Read more

32. Conditional Sentence (if / When)

Conditional Sentence img

In this lesson, you will learn Korean Conditional Sentence with conjugation -면. Conditional Sentence With -면 Korean conditional sentence is made by postposition -면. It seems like a new verb conjugations. And, Yes it is lol. It doesn’t seem like a new verb conjugation, it is a new verb conjugation for you lol.   Many … Read more

30. Can’t / Cannot

Korean Modal Verb Can't img

In this lesson, you will learn the negative form of ‘can’ which is ‘can’t’ or ‘cannot’ in English lol. a negative form of ‘can’ sounds so fancy lol. Korean can’t Korean grammar has 2 ways to say ‘can not’. One is a negative form of ‘할수 있다’ and another is an unique affix 못 for … Read more

26. Questions [Interrogative Sentence]

Question in Korean (Interrogative) img

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a question sentence in Korean and it’s super easy! Making Question in Korean Korean interrogative sentence is super easy to make with 해요 speech style. Follow next steps.   Make a sentence Add a question mark at the end Done Celebrate dance Now, make every sentence … Read more

18. Future Progressive Tense

Future Progressive Tense img

In this lesson, you will learn the most basic uses of Korean future progressive tense. YAY This will be the last Korean tense that you learn with super basic core Korean grammar. I’m pretty sure you can express almost everything you want to say by using a tense. Of course, it won’t be so easy … Read more

7. Korean Conjugations

Korean Conjugations img

It’s the last core grammar of Korean language. You will learn what Korean conjugations are in Korean grammar in this lesson. Korean Conjugations It’s hard to explain but I will try to make it simplest. If you used past tense, the verb would change like from ‘learn’ to ‘learned’. That ‘ed’ is a conjugation. Then… … Read more