Studying by yourself is always hard…
But we can do it together!
Share your progress
and motivate each other!
study session 1
1. Go to #study-together channel on Discord
study session 2
2. Take a picture of what you are going to study.
study session 3
3. Study together and fill your notebook.
study session 4
4. Take a picture of what you studied and upload it
study session 5_3
Starting Time : [Click]
→ Also spontaneous study times (when the host is free)
→ 1 to 1.5 hours
→ No RSVP / join whenever you want
study session 6

Attendance Rewards

20 times attended you get a emoji based on your idea
Join Team Junicorn Discord and suggest us more rewards!


Q. What if I don’t use a notebook?
If the activity doesn’t involve writing eg. (learning online flash cards or reading) then post the before and after from the app/website if it can be viewed.


Q. I’m reading a book!
Post what you are reading but, please blur the content slightly unless, it is from Jun’s website. After, mention how many lines/pages you read or what you learnt if it is that type of material.


Q. What if I can’t attend on time?
Depend on a host, they can accept attending 30 minutes late. But please, do not being late because hosts do the session for you and everyone.


Q. Do I have to study only Korean?
It’s a Korean learning server, so it’s highly recommended 😂 but you don’t have to study only Korean. Other languages, homework, some task anything would be fine if you join us!


Q. What if I want to study without a host?
That’s totally fine! you can start your own session anytime you want! Just don’t forget to take pictures of your studying!


Bambi / Za

“Everyone learns at a different pace so don’t feel pressured to do a lot”
study session 7

How To Be a Host

Anyone can request to be a host to open self-study / group-study sessions, you just have to know what you plan to do with a group study and have times (can also be spontaneous). Host can choose how they wish to conduct the group-study. (Eg. Go over grammar together, sentence building exercises or practice speaking etc.)
study session 8


→ Host a group study at least once a week
→ You will need to tag everyone before starting
→ There has to be people interested in joining this group study
→ You will need to manage each session of yours.
→ Avoid using other creators content unless discussed with me.