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100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 2-5 : Acting and Directing

In A Movie Theater

Day 5 : Acting and Directing

I’m not so sure today Korean vocabulary lesson will be soooo essential but I brought some words that are essential in the movie industry. If you are interested in Korean actor and actress or movie or k-drama things, then it would be very good to learn. Oh! And you can find some nice Korean vocabularies might be very useful if you like taking photos or videos! Yeah… Maybe this lesson is also essential lol.

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[yeon gi ja]

연기자 is combined 2 words by 연기(act), 자(suffix that means person).
Gender doesn’t matter for words in Korean.
연기자 is also called ‘배우’ usually. Both aren’t different much but 연기자 sounds more formal.

배우 누가 제일 좋아요?
What’s your favorite actor?
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[gam dok]

감독 means a supervisor for mostly field works, safety, a sport team manager, movie or play. But, a manager in a workplace is called ‘관리자’ often. So you think ‘감독’ always means manager

마이클 베이 감독. 렌즈 플레어로 눈 조질 준비 됐어요?
Directed by Michel Bay. Ready to kill your eyes by lens flare?
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[chwal yeong]

촬영 is a formal Korean verb that means recording something with a camera for pictures and videos.
촬영 is a noun for 촬영하다. It seems not much different than your language right? But it has a big big biiiiiiig difference when it’s used in a phrase. Koreans say ‘촬영에 들어가다(enter into recording)’ for saying ‘start to record’.

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저는 치킨 300개 먹는거 촬영할거예요
I will record myself eating 300 fried chicken buckets.
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[jjik da]

찍다 is an informal word for recording (like shooting) 찍다 actually is an action that move an object down very quickly. (chop, spear, stamp, dip)
If you record something on your TV. Then, 녹화 is more correct than 촬영 or 찍다

사진 찍는 거 좋아해요
I like taking photography
audience img
[gwan gaeg]

관객 is very formal, people don’t say it in a casual talk but you can find this word very easily in real life.

이 영화는 20일만에 천만 관객 돌파했대요
the film recorded over 10 million viewers in 20 days.