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100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 2-4 : We Love A Big-Ass Screen

In A Movie Theater

Day 4 : We Love A Big-Ass Screen

Today Korean vocabularies you will learn are soooooooo different than your language even those words are so simple! I want you to open your mind always when you learn a language because it’s not just learning a language, it’s also learning a culture. And, cultures make languages. Your Korean would be very weird if you speak it in a way that your language has. For example, Koreans don’t say ‘take your seat’, they say ‘sit on your spot’. that’s the way how we say and how we deal with so many things. Of course, you can find similarities. But you should always open your mind for new expressions and the way how to talk.

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[jwa seok]

좌석 means seat. Almost same to English. But, Koreans prefer to say ‘자리’ more than 좌석 in a casual conversation.

우리 좌석 어디에요?
Where are our seats?
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[ja ri]

자리 is a complicated Korean vocabulary means many things like spot, space, site and position. But, Koreans often use it instead of seats.
자리에 앉아주세요
Take your seat

우리 자리 어디에요?
Where are our seats?
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[hwa myeon]

Koreans say ‘스크린(screen)’ often instead of ‘화면’ specially for a screen in a movie theater.

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화면 진짜 크네요.
that screen is really big.
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[so ri]

소리 : any sound you can hear, it can mean volume too.
사운드 means audio, acoustic sound in Korean. Of course, Korean has the word for those but 사운드 is more preferred.

소리 좀 줄여주세요.
Please, turn down the volume.
watch img
[bo da]

보다 is probably something very different than the vocabulary in your language no matter what language you speak. ‘Look’, ‘Watch’, ‘See’, All words are ‘보다’ in Korean. Of course Korean can describe ‘look’, ‘watch’ but the usages are very different. I will write the lesson about it later.

영화 보고 있어요
I’m watching a movie