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100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 2-3 : I’ll buy the tickets

In A Movie Theater

Day 3 : I’ll buy the tickets

Korean has so many words for one thing. That’s tiring. I often wonder if Koreans really need all those words and yeah some people think same. This lesson makes me think about some really serious stuffs lol. It’s getting harder to make a fun lesson DAAAAAAMMMMMMMN

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표 is a ticket but you can head Koreans say ticket often. It wouldn’t be weird even if you say ‘movie ticket’ in English. It’s used in various situation especially with transports.
비행기표 : flight ticket
기차표 : train ticket

제가 살께요
I’ll buy the tickets
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[ib jang gwon]

입장권 means entrance ticket. You can see this word often at theme parks or galleries. But Koreans prefer to say ‘표’ in a conversation because it’s shorter. You can see 권 with another word often.
입장 : entrance
권 : coupon / ticket
자유이용권 : season pass / free pass
관람권 : ticket for watching (specially in a gallery, show, play)

입장권 잃어버렸어요
I lost my entry ticket
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줄 means line but it also means rope, string and row or column. it seems easy to pronounce but actually it’s quite hard because every Korean alphabets in this word are pronounced very differently than any European languages.

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옛날옛날에, 마법의 영화관에 끝없는 이 있었습니다.
Once upon a time, there was a never ending line at a magical cinema.
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[sa da]

Korean has so many vocabularies for ‘buy’. 사다, 구매하다, 구입하다 and 매수하다. they all are slightly different. You don’t need to memorize them all for a casual conversation but yes yes yes you should for formal Korean. But not now. I’ll explain them in details with another lesson.

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[mae pyo so]

Box office is technically 매표소 in Korean. But, buuuut Koreans don’t say it. They just call it ‘표 사는데 (the place where to buy tickets)’ or ‘over there’ lol. Seriously, no kidding. My friends and I haven’t used the word 매표소 for a long long time. Of course, You can find this word on a sign. Oh and it also means ‘ticket office’

표 사는데 어디예요?
where is the place to buy a ticket? (where is a ticket office?)