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100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 2-1 : Go To The Movies

In A Movie Theater

Day 1 : Go To The Movies

Everybody loves movies and I think it’s essential for having a date with someone else, once at least. So, new theme for a new week is about movie! In this week, we are going to learn new 25 vocabularies that we can use in a movie theater. You can use Korean vocabs in this lesson and use them in other situations even though the title is ‘in a movie theater’, Please don’t leave this page because of the title lol

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[yeong hwa]

Koreans will understand you perfectly even if you say ‘movie’. They often use the word 무비 instead of 영화. But of course, Koreans just say ‘영화’ in a casual conversation.

무슨 영화 좋아해요?
What kind of movie do you like?
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[yeong hwa gwan]

Koreans often say the name of movie theater chains instead of movie theater. The most popular chain is CGV, Megabox, Lotte cinema. 영화관 is something a bit hard to hear in a casual conversation.

영화관은 작년에 지어졌어요.
That cinema was built last year.
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[ga da]

Go in Korean is veeeeeery different than Go in many other languages. It doesn’t mean ‘disappear’ so you can’t say ‘let it go’ or ‘my cold is gone’. It simply means a motion of movement. the big difference you can find is ‘I’m coming’. Koreans say ‘I’m going’ not ‘coming’ since the verb ‘go’ means only a motion in Korean.

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우리 영화 보러 가요
Let’s go to the movies
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[de i teu]

Koreans also use the word, Date but it only means a romantic date and it can be used as a verb. ‘데이트하다’

데이트 있어요
I have a date
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[jae mit da]

재밌다 literally means ‘fun’ or ‘funny’. But it’s used as ‘have a good time’ or ‘something is nice’. It would be easier if you check the example sentence below.

그 영화 좀 슬프긴 한데 재밌어요
That movie is a bit sad but fun (nice)