100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 1-5 : So Korean Stuffs

Snacks and beverages

Day 5 : So Korean Stuffs

Of course Korean has traditional Korean snacks or foods and it’s very different than what you normally see in your life. However, not many young Koreans enjoy it anymore because they got used to foods and snacks from foreign. I’m not so sure if it’s sad though because I believe Koreans are developing their own foods and snacks in their way. Still, it would be so nice if you can find them to try. And I really hope these Korean vocab would help you with finding them.

떡 img

떡 is translated as ‘rice cake’ but I really don’t know what kind of idiot made an English name for it. it’s not like a cake at all in any point. it’s almost same to Japanese mochi

저는 안좋아해요
I don’t like
bread img

Bread can’t be a meal to Koreans. it’s just snack. this Korean word is from Spanish or French.

아침으로 먹어요
I eat bread as my breakfast
간식 img
[gan sig]

간 “between”
식 “meal” / food / feed
= “meal between meals”
It’s very similar to brunch except it can be just some snacks or a full meal. Korean has more words for meals like brunch. but we will learn those Korean vocab later!

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빵은 간식이죠!
Bread is snack
군것질 img
[gun geot jil]

군것질 is a verb describes having a snack in a negative way. eg. ‘you don’t want meals because you 군것질 often’.
There are not many chance to hear them because young people don’t use them but it’s necessary to know to level up.

군것질해서 배가 안고파요.
I ate some snacks so I’m not hungry
한과 img
[han gwa]

한과 is Korean traditional snack. Of course there are many kinds. mostly they are sweet and expensive. (and I don’t like it personally)

한과 먹어볼래요?
Would you like to try some hangwa?