">100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 1-4 : Korean Words on Other Languages
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100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 1-4 : Korean words based on Foreign Languages

Snacks and beverages

Day 4 : Korean words based on Foreign Languages

So many Korean vocabularies are from foreign languages. It’s not so weird because the origin of many snacks or conceptions is not from Asia (And, Korea was influenced by Japan and America. it’s a long story. I will make a story about it later) But unlike China, Korean decided to use them in Korean. it helps many people to learn Korean easier. Also, it’s easy to see the difference for pronunciation between Korean and your mother tongue. of course, the pronunciation of these Korean vocab might be very different than yours or what you expected. But I can say it’s way easier than other Korean vocabularies.

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[ku ki]

this word is pronounced almost same to cookie in many languages. However, you will find some differences with next 4 words. This lesson could be so easy but nope. lol

쿠키 좋아해요? Do you like cookie?
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[jel li]

This Korean word means different than the original meaning.those words are often called Konglish. Maybe it confuses you sometimes but well… it’s a Korean lesson. Deal with it.

나의 운명은 지구만큼 거대한 젤리
my fate is a giant gummy as big as Earth
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[ma si mel lo]

marshmallows are malang malang. Korean has so many ways to describe same stuffs but they all have a different nuance. 말랑하다 is soft and easy to bend like sponge, rubber, clay or marshmallow. 말랑말랑하다 sounds more positive and cute. many Korean vocabs can be transformed like this and this is very important because sometimes it makes a totally different meaning. hahah 말랑말랑 sounds so cute.

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마시멜로는 말랑말랑해요.
Marshmallow is soft.
gum img

Same as English word gum but it’s ‘껌’ not ‘검’. ‘검’ means sword in Korean. Many foreigners have a big trouble to pronounce or distinguish double consonants. click the link below. you can check easy explanations for them.

졸리면 을 머리카락에 붙이세요. 열받아서 잠이 깨요 put gum on your hair when you are sleepy. it’ll wakes you up because you’ll get pissed off.
chocolate img
[cho kol let]

Koreans often shorten 초콜렛 to 초코(choco). you must have seen this word if you are familiar with Korean snacks like 초코파이(choco pie)

초콜렛 엄청 좋아해요 I like chocolate so much / I love chocolate