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100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 1-3 : Popcorn Is Awesome

Snacks and beverages

Day 3 : Popcorn Is Awesome

I really love popcorn. I can say I made today lesson only for popcorn. I really had to teach how to say popcorn in Korean. It’s popcon lol. Actually you don’t need to learn that lol but well, I love popcorn. Anyway! Maybe you will figure out some words you can just speak in English when you don’t remember them in Korean.

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Some stuffs have several names in Korean. Especially it’s from a foreign language. 곡물 means cereal or grain.

시리얼바를 우유에 담그면 그냥 시리얼이 되나?
would it be like normal cereal if I put this cereal bar in milk?
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Korean language has many words from foreign languages. Juice, Coffee, Cerealbar, now this. Try to speak English for words you don’t remember. it might help a lot.

영화관에서 팝콘을 먹지 않는 것은 신성모독이다.
to not eat popcorn at cinema is a blasphemy
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[ja pan gi]

Normally you can find it in subway stations but it’s not easy to find a vending machine for snacks here because Koreans have convenient stores everywhere even on the platform in stations. Literally everywhere. if you can’t find a convenient store in 5 mins? then we say ‘what kind of town doesn’t have one single convenient store?’

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자판기는 맛있는게 없어요.
That vending machine has no good stuffs.
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Well… Mouth is mouth lol. I want to explain more than that for this word but I can’t.

눈은 두갠데… 은 하나야…
I have two eyes… but one mouth
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치과 의사
[chi gwa ui sa]

Do you like sweets? then maybe you should know the word ‘dentist’ lol. Korean doesn’t go to one doctor, they just go to any hospital. so Korean doesn’t say ‘go to a doctor’ or ‘go to see a doctor’, they say ‘go to a hospital’ (go to a 치과)
치 : dental / 과 : department / 의사 : doctor

치과 무서워요
Dentist is scary