">100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 2-2 : What Kind of Movie Do You Like?
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100% Natural Korean Vocabulary 2-2 : What Kind of Movie Do You Like?

In A Movie Theater

Day 2 : What Kind of Movie Do You Like?

Everybody asks it at least once when you talk about movies. What kind of movie do you like? Asking about your favorite genre. Of course, Koreans are same. They make a same question for normal casual stuffs as you do. So, I think it’s pretty essential to have a casual conversation and you will learn to say what you like or not, what kind of things do you like or not. And yes, That is super essential.

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[jang leu]

Almost genres in Korean use English words in Korean pronunciation. It’s very easy to memorize them. Of course you can just say them in English.

무슨 영화 장르 좋아해요?
what kind of movie genre do you like?
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[deu ra ma]

Korean movie doesn’t have ‘drama’ because drama means TV series. These days I’ve heard drama as a movie genre, but mostly Korean would think ‘TV soap’ when they hear it.

모든 한국 드라마에서는 장르가 뭐든 연애를 한다.
Everybody does romantic stuffs no matter what genre it is in Korean dramas.
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[lo maen seu]

로맨스 means ‘romance’ but sometimes Koreans call it ‘ro-mang’ to say someone’s ‘fantasy’. It’s used in an almost same way to English mostly.

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이 영화 장르는 로맨스도, 코미디도 아니예요. 쓰레기에요. 🙂
This movie’s genre is not romance, neither comedy. It’s a garbage. 🙂
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[jo a ha da]

You must know Koreans don’t say ‘I love something’ normally. Use ‘Like’ always. if you want to say ‘I love that movie’ in Korean then use ‘like something very much’ instead of ‘love’

저는 액션 영화가 좋아요
I like action movies
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[mu seun]

무슨 = What + noun or adjective
What color 무슨 색
What shape 무슨 모양
What movie 무슨 영화
무슨 doesn’t mean ‘what kind of’ literally. 어떤 does. But 무슨 is often used for ‘What kind of something’. But 무슨 can be replaced by 어떤. they are supposed to be different but Koreans don’t care much I think.

무슨 영화 좋아해요?
what kind of movie do you like?