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I Miss You in Korean

I think missing someone is one of the most sweetest and loveliest phrases for any kind of human relationship. I miss you. How romantic and lovely? Do you guys know that I miss you guys everyday? Lol I’m serious. I really hope you guys also miss me and my lessons too! Anyway, today what you are going to learn is how to say I miss you in Korean.

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How To Say I Miss You in Korean


I miss you


The basic form of I miss you in Korean is 보고싶다. Actually, What 보고 싶다 really means is ‘I want to see you’.  ‘miss someone or something’ is 그립다 in Korean. However, native Koreans prefer to say ‘보고싶다’ which means ‘I want/wish to see you’. 그립다 sounds very poetic… veeeeeeerrrry poetic. I don’t even remember the last time when I actually heard it in person.

You Should Know This

You must use the subject makers ‘이/가’ with 보고싶다 especially when you say you miss someone. When you say it to a person who you are talking to at the moment, dropping a subject and on object sounds much more nature.


엄마가 보고싶어요
[eomma-ga bogo-sipeoyo]
I miss (my) mom

How To Use

A: 보고싶었어요
I missed you
B: 저도 보고싶었어요
I missed you too


A: 보고 싶을거예요
I’ll miss you
B: 빨리 돌아올게요
I’ll come back soon


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A: 준이 보고싶어요
I miss Jun
B: 준이 떠난지 얼마나 됐죠?
How long has he been left?

Another Use of 보고싶다

I just taught you that 보고싶다 literally means ‘I want to see’ or ‘I wish to see’. You can use it for other things too like I want to watch a movie, I want to see Han river. In this case, object markers are much suitable!


서울을 보고싶어요
[seoul-eul bogo-sipeoyo]
I want to see Seoul

I Miss (Moment) in Korean

However, you have to use ‘그리워요’. The basic form of 그리워요 is 그립다. when you want to say you miss some moment in your life. Of course, it would be a bit weird if you say ‘I want to see that moment’. It still sounds a bit poetic.


내가 작은 유니콘이였을 때가 그리워요
[ne-ga jageun unicon-iyeosseul dde-ga geuriwoyo]
I miss when I was a little unicorn

Vocabulary Note

엄마 [eomma] : mom
-도 [do] : too / also
빨리 [bbali] : hurry / quickly / fast
떠나다 [ddeonada] : to leave
얼마나 [eolmanda] : how long / how much
서울 [seoul] : Seoul
작다 [jakda] : to be small / to be little
유니콘 [unicon] : unicorn
때 [dde] : moment / when