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Hello my amazing students! Thanks for checking this page! it’s your Korean Teacher Jun from Korean Jun. I’m making the most accurate / natural / appropriate / fun Korean language tutorials and you are truly amazing. Keep studying Korean with me then you will be surprised because your all future Korean friends will say “oh my god” to your Korean.



Thank You For Your Help

I’ve prepared Korean tutorials for years. Everyday I’ve struggled with money and worries if I have to quit everything or if I have to unpublish free tutorials. But your support helps me to keep going. Your support will mean the world to me. I hope all rewords can show how thankful I am.


One of us! One of us!

Join our club and get all awesome rewards today. There are too many amazing rewards so I gave up to explain all because it was too long lol. Seriously, I tried but the scrolling was like going down to the core of mother Earth. Answer next questions yes or no!

✓ Wanna learn Korean triple faster than normal?
✓ Wanna see the craziest part of Korea?
✓ Wanna know the truth of Korea?
✓ Wanna know a real Korean life even for small details?
✓ Wanna know things Korean are ashamed of so they don’t want to talk about?
✓ Want to see all dirty words / swearing / any words can be crazy so you can piss off other people in Korean?
✓ Don’t know where to start to study for Korean language?
✓ Stuck on some level and you don’t feel you aren’t improving much?
✓ Wanna escape from the ‘how are you?’ ‘fine, okay bye’ conversation?
✓ Do you like your Korean teacher Jun? lol

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Did you say yes for any? Then yes yes yes, you will be one of us one of us one of us lol. Check which rewards on Korean Jun Patreon Page can solve your problem and also check previews of each rewards! Oh btw, current rewards are not the end. I have amazing ideas for new rewards and I’ll keep working on it to bring you!