37. When Questions

In this lesson, you will learn how make to make when questions with ‘when’ 언제.

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When is -? : – 언제예요?

In previous who question lesson, you’ve learned about -누구예요 phrase. When question has a same way just like who question does. 언제 can work as an objective but still a question. English doesn’t have this grammar so it might be confusing for you, but you will know it’s actually very simple once you see example sentences.

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Basic 해요 style When Question
준 선생님 수업이에요 준 선생님 수업이 언제예요
It’s a Teacher Jun’s class When is Teacher Jun’s class??


시험이 언제예요?
Test is when?
= When is the test?


시험은 언제예요?
Test is when? (among other schedules)
= When is the test? (among other schedules)


생일이 언제예요?
Birthday is when?
= When is your birthday?

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When Questions with 하다 Verb

To make when questions with 하다 verb, make a question sentence first and then add ‘언제’ before or after a subject (this is the most natural location to put ‘wh questions’). It’s very easy to make. You need to simply add ‘언제’.


Basic 해요 style When Question
수업 시작해요 언제 수업 시작해요?
the class start When does the class start?


우리는 언제 저녁 먹어요?
When do we have dinner?


나탈리아는 언제 학교 가요?
When do you go to school?


언제 나가요?
When do you go out?

When Questions with 이다 Verb

이다 when question is same to ‘- 언제예요?’ question. Both are written differently but the meaning is almost same. You saw a similar thing happens with Who Questions.


Basic 해요 style When Question
수업이에요 언제 수업이에요?
It’s a class When is your class?

When does your class start?


언제 시작이에요?
When is the start?
= Be + noun


언제 수업이에요?
When is your class?
= Be + noun


언제 붙여요?
When will (I/you) glue it?
= Verb

When Questions with 있다 Verb

When 있다 question is mostly used to ask the location (or time), It also means possession as usual but the nuance isn’t strong. 언제 possessive question means availability, not owning. You must use other words like buy, get to ask when to own it.


Basic 해요 style When Question
준이 여기 있어요 누가 여기 있어요?
Jun is here Who is here?


수업 언제 있어요?
When is your class
When do (you) have a class?


언제 집에 있어요?
When are you home?
= What hour do you stay /get home?


언제 차 있어요?
When do you have your car?
= When can you use your car?