50. The Final Lesson

You’ve learned everything to understand basic Korean grammar with Core Grammar and now you have a better understanding for how it works. And, this is the final lesson.

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The Final lesson of Core Grammar

안녕하세요. 코리안 준의 준 선생님 입니다.
Hello. I’m teacher Jun of Korean Jun.
= Possession Of : 의

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제 강의는 어떠셨나요?
How was my tutorials?
= Possessive My : 제
= How Question


Did you enjoy them?
= Question


여러분 노력을 칭찬해주고 싶어요.
I want to praise your effort.
= Formal Pronoun : 여러분


왜냐하면, 오늘은 마지막 수업이에요.
Because, today is the last class.
= 이다 Verb
= Present Tense


지금까지 모두 열심히 공부했어요.
You guys all have studied really hard until now.
= 하다 verb
= Past Tense
= Adverb Modifier -히


여러분이 지금까지 배운 것을 잘 기억하면,
If you remember what you’ve learned so far,
= Conditional with -면 (If / When)
= Postposition 까지


이 글을 모두 읽을 수 있어요.
You can read all text.
= Can : 수
= Determiner This : 이


여러분은 아직은 모든 한국말을 이해하지 못하지만,
You can’t understand all Korean language yet,
= Can’t : 못


지금처럼 계속하세요.
Keep going like now you do.
= Ask / Order with 하세요


이 글을 보고 있다는게 여러분이 좋은 학생이라는 증거예요.
Watching this text is the proof that you are a good student.
= Adjective Modifier -ㄴ


여러분은 무엇이든 잘해낼 거예요.
You will do everything well.
= Future Tense


제 강의가 도움이 됐다면,
If my tutorials were helpful,
= Conditional with -면 (If / When)


친구들에게 공유해주세요!
Share it to your friends!
= Postposition 에서


그리고 꼭 다시 와줘요.
And, please, come visit me again.
= Request with 줘요
= Conjunction 그리고


보고 싶을거예요.
I’ll miss you.
= Future Tense


다음에 다시 만날때까지 건강해요!
Stay well until we meet again at next time!
= Postposition 에
= Ask / Order with 해요

This AD helps Korean Jun to keep making all tutorials free

To my best students

Core Grammar was my first project for making a textbook. I started to write it to publish it but decided to set it free for people who can’t afford a class or a textbook.


I can’t be more proud of you after this long course for learning something and sincerely admire your passion for learning. Just like you made this, never give up and never stop for what you are dreaming.


But hey, It’s okay to fail, it’s super okay not being good at something. As long as you don’t give up, people will recognize what you are capable someday. You are so great as who you already are.


I’ll keep writing other courses and never stop making Core Grammar course better and funnier. I hope you can come visit me sometimes. 🙂 I will make you a native Korean speaker lol.


By the way, If you want to keep all tutorials free and help people to learn Korean with Korean Jun, Any helps would be very appreciated. Thanks again for being with me and Core Grammar course and wish only the best for you from my heart, very sincerely.
See you soon 🙂


Best wishes
Your friend & tutor


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