Wh-Questions 2

An alien warship is coming to destroy our planet Earth. They all are seriously sugar addicted and are extremely aggressive right now because they don’t have enough sugar in their alien coffee. Only you and your cat know this crisis and you have 5 minutes to disarm them. Fortunately, your cat is the guardian of the planet and she knows the solution. But there is a small problem. She can’t answer you before you ask. Of course, you have to ask her in Korean 😂. Why the Korean language? All secret guardians speak Korean, duh 😂😂😂


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Which One? in Korean Language

To neutralize the aliens’ temper, you have to use the right amount and the right type of sugar. First, you need to know the type. You have to remember how to ask a question and how to use interrogative pronouns in the Korean language. And you need ‘무슨’ or ‘어떤’ which both mean ‘which’.


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무슨 and 어떤 are often compatible. Both are correct. Anyway, your cat answered “blue”.


How Many / How Much in Korean Language

First, you want to know how many snacks he ate. You remember ‘어떻게’ means how. 많이 is ‘many / much / a lot’. Then how can you ask a question for ‘how many snacks did you eat?’.


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You made a question with 어떻게 and 많이 and asked the suspect.. “설탕을 어떻게 많이 먹었어요?”. But the suspect answered something completely irrelevant : I guess I have a big stomach?. He must be crazy or your question must be wrong. Then what was wrong with your question?


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Unlike English, the Korean language considers ‘how to do’ and ‘how amount / degree’ as 2 different things. ‘어떻게’ only describes the method which is how to do. For quantity or degree, you need ‘얼마’. It’s usually with 나 with 하다 verbs.


So You Got The Answer

Your cat now answered 280g. But sadly blue sugar is from another galaxy. So angry aliens just left the planet, they were angry and aggressive but it was just an attitude. Your cat felt ashamed because she judged people only based on their look. lol. She is asking you to jump to the next tutorial so she doesn’t feel ashamed longer. Also, she said “If you liked the tutorial, please join us in Patreon, you human, become our CEO

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