Korean Grammar : Core (Real Korean Grammar)

Core Korean Grammar

This is super duper important. Reading this will help you learn Korean faster with Core Grammar Course.

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How To Learn Korean Triple Fastercore Korean grammar

Well, of course, this course has great text examples, great audio examples, awesome explanations, why you have to learn Korean and blah blah blah. I’m not going to talk about those things now,

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Instead, I’m going to tell you the most important thing about how to learn Korean super fast. This course is mainly focused on 2 things : what’s different between your language and Korean and how Korean grammar really works. These 2 will help you learn Korean at least 3 times faster, understand everything easier and avoid a lot of mistakes. I want to say this tutorial is the most important part of my course. So, now I’m going to explain how it’s possible, why it’s so great.

Know The Differences

I’m going to give you 3 example sentences.


English Korean
I learn Korean 저는 배워요 한국어를
Korean Learn I 한국어를 배워요 저는
Learn Korean I 배워요 한국어를 저는


Do they mean the same thing? Of course not. However, in Korean grammar, they all can mean ‘I learn Korean’ no matter where the words go. In fact, it’s not only what you can do with Korean grammar. It’s something you can find very commonly in real life Korean language.


And imagine you didn’t know it when you watch some Korean TV shows or when you have a conversation with your Korean friends. Everything would be really confusing and you would spend so much time trying to figure out what’s going on.


But, now you know it so you can understand how Korean grammar works. That is knowing the differences. It makes you absorb the knowledge without noise. Korean Jun Core Grammar course shows all the differences so you don’t have to spend a lot of time to figure them out yourself. Save your time. Who wants to struggle to make a single sentence after learning some language for years?

Learn How Korean Grammar Really Works

However, knowing the differences isn’t enough because you still don’t know how Korean grammar really works yet. So, how can Koreans put any word in any position?


English Korean
I learn Korean 배워요 한국어
Korean Learn I 한국어 배워요 저
Learn Korean I 배워요 한국어


Korean grammar uses some special words to tell which word is a subject or an object. You can see 는 and 를. They are those. No matter where the words go. Those special words also go with them. So, it shows what they are no matter where they are. Awesome right?


And this is how Korean grammar really works. If you didn’t know about this? Then yeah, everything can be super confusing because Korean language uses its own ways that English or European languages never use or have.


So, if someone tells you to use S+O+V only because that’s Korean grammar, say fuck it and tell them the truth, teach the teachers. You can do it 😂

Build a Korean Brain

Think about the moment when you tried to speak something in a language you’ve learned. Probably, you have experienced that you had to take minutes to translate your language into another. Because your brain needs to process it. That happens to everybody.


But what if you don’t have to? Because you can understand Korean grammar just like native Koreans do? That’s the fantasy that every language student has. These 2 things, knowing the differences and knowing how Korean grammar really works will make the Korean brain in your head. So you don’t have to go through something like ‘uhh I know all words but I can’t make a natural sentence’

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Best Part

Bam, you learned two things about how Korean grammar really works just now. Remember? Korean grammar doesn’t care about the word position and it also uses some special words for sentence components. You actually learned it so easily like that. And this entire Core Grammar course will be like that. Easy and simple and interesting and fun.


Just read the course to have fun and to see the different language cultures. By the way, the next tutorial is about the details of what we just learned. Don’t you want to know why word positioning isn’t important and how native Koreans think about it? Sure you do. I’m your Korean teacher Jun. Let’s start our amazing journey.