Master Class

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1 hour every single day then 6 years
It’s how long you need to learn Korean grammar as an English / European language speaker
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Only 30 hours
It’s how long you need with Korean Jun
How is that possible? Watch the video first!
This speed is the right speed

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Light Speed Master Class

$77.77 / month

1:1 Zoom Class
25 mins / session
4 sessions / month
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Ordinary Class?

Usually many classes have a regular course and curriculum that you have to follow it no matter what you know, what level you are. That’s not bad, of course. However, it’s hard to learn something out of the course and hard to expect interaction and real conversation without scripts. Because it’s really not about YOU.
Then, what makes better
in Korean Jun’s
private class?
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So, It is About YOU

In Korean Jun’s class, every tutorial is prepared everyday based on your preference, life style, level, knowledge of Korean language and previous answers you made. Every students learn different things based on their customized course. Learn based on you as who you are!
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Get More Rewards

Want more than just tutoring sessions? You will get all rewards that my supporters receive every month. And when I add more rewards? you will receive them as well also. More students, more rewards!
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2 Way Communication

Amazingly, Korean Jun’s tutorial is always 2 way communication no matter what level you are. What does it mean? It means you will communicate in Korean language even when you don’t know anything! How is that possible? Korean Jun make it possible!
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Beginner? Advanced? No Problem

There are many good teachers. However, you know only few of them can write an entire grammar course, and only few of them of them do 1:1 tutoring. No matter what level you are. Korean Jun is that one you need.
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Learn More Clever

Learn only what you don’t know. Learn only what you need to know. You don’t need to learn how to say lion or carrot unless you love / hate them so much. I won’t waste your precious time! Learn only what you really need.
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How Korean Really Works

S + O + V? pff, Korean language doesn’t work in that way and you just saw it in the video. Learn how it really works and think just like native Koreans, embrace the Korean language in the native’s way!
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Linguistic Expert

Korean Jun is not just one of native teachers. Also, a linguistic expert. Our brain memorize vocabularies like how our muscle memorize how to swim. We can trick our brain with a lot of things so it can remember many things with less efforts.
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Premium Course

Not only the customized tutorials and course, Korean Jun will provide ‘Premium Course’ that cost $37.77/month. This course will help you with vocabs you need and studying by yourself.
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These Features Are Obvious

Learn Conversation + Grammar + Vocabulary + Culture + Idioms + Speaking + Reading + Listening + Writing + Living Korean + Real Korean : All in One. Every good thing is obvious.
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Super Speed

And of course, no need to mention of it twice but I’m gonna. These every features and every thing you will learn will happen in the super fast speed. Because it’s the Light Speed Course!
There are
many good teachers
but only few can
write entire
Korean grammar course


The 30 minutes go by so quickly; the class is that engaging. Definitely well worth it.
Chris M


설명이 더 필요없어요. 그냥 최고. (no need to explain. he’s the best)


The class is so fun. I’m super satisfied with the class!! 감사합니다, Korean Jun.
P Jauza


Jun’s class makes me actually speak and communicate with him. So great. I can recommend you his class.


he’s introduced me to the language in a way that has made it seem intuitive and natural

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Light Speed Master Class

$77.77 / month

1:1 Zoom Class
25 mins / session
4 sessions / month