Master Class

2-3 Years, It’s an average time to learn basic Korean as an English speaker


And 3 months, It’s a time how long you need with Korean Jun

There are many good teachers

but only few can write entire Korean grammar course.


The 30 minutes go by so quickly; the class is that engaging. Definitely well worth it.
Chris M


설명이 더 필요없어요. 그냥 최고. (no need to explain. he’s the best)


The class is so fun. I’m super satisfied with the class!! 감사합니다, Korean Jun.
P Jauza


Jun’s class makes me actually speak and communicate with him. So great. I can recommend you his class.

he’s introduced me to the language in a way that has made it seem intuitive and natural

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Light Speed Master Class

$77.77~ / month


1:1 Zoom Class
25 mins / session
4~8 sessions / month

Learn Everything At Once

Conversation + Grammar + Vocabulary + Culture + Idioms. Why don’t you learn them all together?

Custom Curriculum

Custom curriculum based on each person. Imagine this, all sample sentences you are reading is just about you!

Worry About Your Level?

You don’t speak Korean at all? No worry, Many of them also started from zero and they are talking with me in Korean after months.

Out of Textbooks

I won’t do something boring such as making you to read some lines or something. But, I’ll make you speak REAL Korean one by one right away.

Learn Like Babies

Do you know that we learn 3-5 words everybody unconsiously? It’s true except we use our this amazing brain ability to remember some internet slang and memes. But Korean Jun will help you to use this amazing ability to learn Korean.

Faster & Faster

Our brain memorize vocabularies like how our muscle memorize how to swim when we try to learn swimming. But we can trick our brain with a lot of things so it can remember many things with less efforts.